September 23, 2014

I Love College

Here's a quick(ish) chronological picture diary of my first month of college! I have a great group of best friends, lots of fun events under my belt, and many more to look forward to! I got to see my parents this weekend, which was awesome. My mini-fridge is now stocked with healthy deliciousness from Trader Joes and I haven't been to a dining hall since last Thursday...that's kind of a big deal :)

I've also been a bad blogger... would you believe that I haven't taken any formal outfit pictures since I've been here? I'll make it the excuse that I've been waiting for Fall. Today, Summer is officially over! I promise I'll take real pictures soon. xoxo


  1. Look at you, you little social butterfly!
    Haha, and yes, thank goodness for parents bearing Trader Joes goodies. I'm honestly so psyched for when I move, because I'll finally be near one and can stock my fridge with that deliciousness :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. College is absolutely amazing! Did you join a sorority?

    Trending In Fashion

  3. Awesome Pics.....all are looking cute and yes College is just an awesome place, I also love college.

    My Blogger World


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