December 17, 2014

Lights on the Lawn

Jacket- Barbour | Scarf- J. Crew | Leggings- Lululemon | Boots- Doc Martens | Wristlet- Coach
Hello from possibly my longest hiatus ever--and apologies, too! I am finally back home after a (somewhat mentally tolling) first semester at the University of Virginia. I absolutely love it, of course, and wouldn't trade my time at UVa for anything. I'm already so excited for my classes next semester and what's in store for me when I return for the Spring semester!

In the mean time, as I try to organize my thoughts, enjoy these pretty pictures of the Lawn (which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, I might add, the only US university to have such an honor bestowed upon it). The two other girls are two of my best friends (AND FUTURE ROOMMATES) at school. Isn't it so pretty with everything all lit up for the holidays?

You can also find me at, which I've been keeping up with religiously. I've only got 2 weeks left of the year!

In regards to my 52 project I must ask for your help. In 2 weeks, the project will end, and a new year will begin. I've already done a 365 project (taking a picture everyday) and a 52 project (a poem every week) in the past 2 years. 

What suggestions do you have for me for 2015? Any project ideas that will last me the year?

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