March 05, 2015

Christmas in March?

Top- Urban Outfitters | Scarf- borrowed from Mom | Shoes- L. L. Bean | Hat- American Eagle | Jacket- Barbour | Leggings- Lululemon | Handwarmers- handmade by Mom | Cardigan- American Eagle
Hello from a snow day here in Charlottesville, cancelled midterms, and Spring (hopefully) on the horizon for the South! FINALLY! I'm less than 24 hours away from a train that will take me back North--and I'm guiltily realizing that the last time I posted, a train was taking me home for Christmas Break. My how the time flies when in college. It's scary to think that I've got only two months left of my first year at UVa. Am I seriously 1/4 of the way done with college?!?!

And yes, these here pictures were taken right when I got home. We went and got our tree immediately (I also got a haircut, SURPRISE!) and took some pictures while we were at it! So in the spirit of celebrating Christmas joy all year round I figured, why not post these pics? :) 

Although I'm sad my first year is nearly over, I am excited to tell you that starting in May I'll be resuming regular posting because I'M GOING HOME FOR SUMMER! I have some cool things in the mix for this summer including potentially studying abroad, research on the Jersey Shore, a music festival in Delaware (Firefly, anyone?), some fun trips back to Charlottesville, and more. I'm busy and happy as ever here at UVa, but it's hit me hard recently how much I do love going home (and how much I miss dear old Wear Abouts).

To get a bit sentimental, Wear Abouts has been a part of my life for three and half years now. It has afforded me SO many opportunities; not only did I write main essays for college about it, but it's allowed me to score a media gig at a major music festival, and given me practice in photography and writing. My blog will forever hold a special place in my heart--and I may be almost 20, but I'm not ready to give up this pursuit yet. So don't think I'm leaving y'all any time in the near future! More posts very soon :)


  1. so good:) xx

  2. Haha, nothing wrong with Christmas cheer year round! Great photos Rory, and loved seeing an update from you.
    My, it's crazy how easily time slips away from us, huh!? But cheers to finishing up your first year and the adventures that await you this summer! Sounds like some awesome stuff :)
    Can't wait to hear about it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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