March 12, 2015

Go Greek, Go Green!

Say HEYYY to my super awesome BIG! 

If you know anything about sororities, you'll know we all get a "big sister" who showers us with gifts. In UVa's KD, it's a mutual selection process for finding a big. Dara was my first choice and I am SO lucky she is mine :)

Outfits/costumes-Various (too many to name) 
One of the highlights of this semester has been joining a sorority. I am in Kappa Delta here at UVa, and it's HANDS DOWN the best srat on Grounds. Seriously, I've met the coolest people, have the AWESOMEST big, and basically just love everyone. We also have the highest GPA of all 15 sororities so that's pretty swag ;)

Any of y'all in sororities/were in sororities while in college? 
I'd love to hear what you were in, and hey, if you're a KD, we're sisters!!!

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