April 22, 2015

Blowfish Party!

Party, pictures, and fun times- c/o Blowfish Shoes 
A month ago, I entered a contest on a whim. I was home for spring break, I was on Facebook, I was bored. I don't remember how exactly it happened--I'm pretty sure it was in an ad on my sidebar--but I entered my email address into a Blowfish Shoes sweepstakes. A few days later, I got an email telling me I had won!!

The $500 in Blowfish Shoes prize was what originally caught my eye,  fashion obsessor that I am. I had been interested in Blowfish shoes ever since I won a pair 3 years ago through another fashion blogger's giveaway. But the prize included more! I was pleasantly surprised by the second half of it; a screening of The Duff Movie for 50 of my closest friends and me. After much coordination and cooperation on the part of CBS Films and Blowfish in accommodating my hectic college schedule, we set the date. Two weekends ago, I brought a bunch of girls in my sorority (Kappa Delta) for a Saturday afternoon showing and left happier than I could have imagined!!

Why was it so awesome? First of all, it wasn't just a movie screening. The morning of the screening, two taxis picked up my first-year friends and I, since we don't have cars on campus. Then, when we got there, the lovely Nikol of Blowfish Shoes showed us to our own private theater, and passed out popcorn and free shoe tickets to every single one of my friends!! My friends thought I was a celebrity. It was AWESOME

The movie was funny and cute--a good time for a group of college girls. I imagine that my high school self would have loved it even more! When the movie ended, my KD sisters and I clapped wholeheartedly. And then came our next surprise--a party, complete with food, a photobooth, and POLAROID PICTURES! As a girl who loves a good photograph, having polaroid pictures was the best thing ever. The party was a great time. It was like the fancy movie theater birthday party that I never had as a kid! 

To sum up, Kappa Delta at UVa is now obsessed with Blowfish Shoes. I've received snapchats and texts from happy sisters receiving their free shoes in the mail, and am so excited to go home in two weeks to find 10+ pairs of new shoes waiting for me!!

And here's what I'm most excited for: this summer, to express my thanks and love for Blowfish Shoes, I'll be spending an entire month wearing and blogging in only Blowfish. I may even be taking over the Blowfish Instagram for a week! Stay tuned...I can't wait to show you all how I style my new shoes. Winning a sweepstakes is certainly something I'll remember for the rest of my life, and I couldn't be happier that the sponsor was Blowfish Shoes. Thank you, Nikol, for one of the most fun Saturday afternoons I've had at college! KD loves you!


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