September 01, 2020

5 Simple Steps Towards An Organized Closet

If your closet space has become an unruly mess. You're probably thinking of the next best steps you can take to get it under control and make it more functional. 

If you're really motivated, it's possible to clean your closet in 15 minutes, but you can take as long as you please if it's not urgent. I usually like to make a day of it, trying on old favorites and new items to decide what's really worth keeping. Below are five tips on getting started...

Cull Your Closet

The first step, and sometimes the most stressful, is to get rid of clothing that no longer serves a purpose. If it's torn, from high school, or pieces that you simply despise, now is the best time to get rid of them. Removing items you dislike will give you more space to see what you've got and will make organizing your closet much easier to do.

Invest In Storage

A chaotic wardrobe is often the result of inadequate storage solutions. If you're finding certain items of clothing, seem to be placed around your room, across the dresser, and desk chair - they need a new home. Perhaps you could buy a new chest of drawers, add a few additional racks to your closet, or some shelf space. Over time our closet should change! And so it's essential to adapt your wardrobe to suit the life you lead now.

Section by Season

With fall fashion approaching, bikinis, shorts, and flip flops have little to no use in your closet. Which is why at the beginning of the season, it helps to pack the previous seasons' clothes out of sight. 

Picture by Sarah Brown from Unsplash - CC0 Licence

You could buy a large container to pack all of your summer wear into and store it at the back of your closet, ready for next summer. 

Color Coordinate Clothing

To change your closet's look instantly, when putting items back in their compartments, try categorizing clothes based on their type and color. I love keeping my work and "play" clothes separate, and organizing all my dresses by colors of the rainbow.

This method shall make your closet space look more appealing, tidy, and organized. And secondly, it'll be far easier to pick out outfits each day. Meaning you'll be able to quickly find the green dress you adore or your favorite navy jumper. 

Roll, Stack, and Hang

Before putting away your clothes, consider these tips for storing different items. 

For expensive, fancy, and delicate items, allocate a hanger and space on the clothes rack. For vest tops, t-shirts, and thin long-sleeved tops, gym wear, and pants, roll them up! You'll save much more room in your drawers by using this folding technique. And for heavier items such as knitwear, and jeans, fold them up, and stack them in their garment category on different shelves. 

And, of course, keep the things you wear the most, in the most accessible places in your wardrobe. For ease of finding and sourcing clothing, you use regularly. 

And there you have it. Five tips that can and will transform your closet space. Making it much more organized, attractive to look at, and easier to use. Hope this helps!

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