July 15, 2021

How to Make Your Wardrobe More Unique

When was the last time you gave your wardrobe an overhaul? The clothes you wear build a picture of your personality and your wardrobe reflects that, so whether you love a printed skirt or a chunky necklace, the clothes that you wear will say a lot about you! If you want your wardrobe to really stand out and reflect who you are as a person, you need to make sure that you make it as unique as possible to you. 

Now is the time for that overhaul we mentioned earlier, so whether you choose to add funny graphic tees or you decide that the best thing to do is bin all of the fun things and make it a capsule, your wardrobe should be exactly what you need it to be. Also, make sure that the clothes you keep in it are the stuff you actually wear. With this in mind, here’s how you can make your wardrobe more unique!

  1. Know your brand. You are a person and you have your own personality, and you brand yourself with your signature look every time you leave the house. Whether that signature is a slash of red lipstick or you choose to add a scarf to every outfit, this is your brand to show off! Branding is important if you want to make your wardrobe unique!
  2. Consider tailoring. Whether it’s a work wardrobe you need to jazz up or you have a selection of colored blazers, you need to consider tailoring. A good tailor could be your best friend, and they can help with jeans and just about any hem line, too!
  3. Go a little vintage. Ask your parents or grandparents to give you a hand in going a little vintage. You could raid their closet or go into the attic to get through some old clothes and find some awesome pieces that can make you look more unique while honoring a style from another time.
  4. Add some character. Accessories are a must-have for any outfit and the best way to show off your clothing is to add some accessories to it. From necklaces to hair accessories, your outfits are going to be so much dressier when you choose to add something shiny to them.
  5. Get to know the right colors. There are some colors that’ll work for you, but then there will be others that’ll wash you out and make you look pale. Figure out which colors are your signature options and that suit you the most, and you will be able to tailor your outfits to include your signature colors.
  6. Get inspired. Who do you base your style on? Well, you should be basing your style on your individual self, but you need to feel inspired and sometimes that means looking to your favorite celebrities and taking their lead.

No matter what you do, you can add something to your wardrobe to make it a unique place to be. You can then wear things that matter the most to you and show off!

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