April 11, 2015

White Druzy Necklace Giveaway!

ENTER to win $50 (aka this GORGEOUS NECKLACE if you choose) from Charlotte Couture. It ends soon and there aren't many entries, so your chances are lookin good!

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April 07, 2015

Amelia Rose

Dress- Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale | Vest- c/o Sheinside | Shoes- c/o Sixty Seven | Necklace- c/o Amelia Rose | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Steptracker band- Fitbit | Sunglasses- c/o Giant Vintage | Socks- c/o Free People | Bag- Anthropologie
After 8 months at college, I have finally taken photos at a quality worthy of the 'good old days'. Back when I had loads of free time, and a perfect spot to do them right outside my front door! Well, I have a solution for taking photos here at UVa now that the weather is nice! This past weekend, I lugged my tripod all the way over from dorms to the beautiful gardens that surround the famous Lawn. There are 10 gardens in total I believe, and I found two of them particularly beautiful. The trees all in bloom here make it even more wonderful than I could have imagined! These may be some of my favorite blog photos...ever!

I wore this outfit on Saturday to hang out with a bunch of friends, eat yummy baked goods, and have fun outside. It was the perfect "darty" (day party) attire! I got loads of compliments on the frog print of my Lilly Pulitzer dress and wore my new favorite necklace. Also had multiple photoshoots with friends on this day because a) I had my camera with me and b) it was SO NICE OUT!!! God, I love it here.

FINALLY, I just wanted to remind you about the GIVEAWAY! You definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to win $50, and there are not many entries yet so you'll have a very good chance of winning! Enter here:

Have a wonderful rest of your day, y'all! Sending love from Charlottesville!

April 01, 2015

$50 Charlotte Couture Giveaway!

Top- c/o Kersh | Leggings- Lululemon | Boots- Marshall's | Button Up- Forever 21 | Wristband- Fitbit | White Druzy Necklace- c/o Charlotte Couture
Welcome to my dorm room! I decided to take some indoor pictures to highlight what my life is like on a typical day at UVa--in comfy clothes, accented with jewelry. This outfit's key piece is definitely the white druzy necklace from Charlotte Couture. I've had it for a few weeks now and have worn it nearly every day. I've gotten compliments from random strangers, sisters in my sorority, friends in my dorm, and even professors! When you get that much attention for a necklace, you know it's a keeper! So, to celebrate the start of April, the beginning of Spring/warm weather, and the overwhelming popularity of the white druzy necklace one of you will be lucky enough to win $50 to the Charlotte Couture shop!!

Use the Rafflecopter above, as always. 

Since coming to college,  I've definitely been using accessories a lot more to spice up an outfit. It's easier & more practical than fitting tons of clothing into my dorm room. You should see how much jewelry I have at school with me!! Especially since getting a second piercing in my ear this past summer, I've been extra attracted to ear jewelry. I have a few favorite places to get studs for my second hole--including Fresh Trends body jewelry. Do any of you have additional piercings? I've found high quality, super clean studs necessary to prevent infection. I've definitely used cheaper earrings in my second hole and felt the start of infection as a result. Since then, I've been sticking to the higher quality alternatives. Where are your favorite places? Any brands other than Fresh Trends that I should try?

Next year, once I have my own room and a lot more space in an apartment (YAY) I will certainly be bringing a lot more clothing...but I think my newfound affinity for jewelry will be long-lasting, too.

Back to work for this girl...but make sure you enter the Charlotte Couture giveaway. You won't regret it! :)