July 01, 2015

Europe Part 2: Paris

| May 20 - May 24 |
From Iceland, we flew to Paris, which is certainly one of the prettiest cities I've ever been to. I was here for two different periods during my time in Europe, and I grew very fond of and familiar with the City of Light. For the first four days I was here, I didn't do much by the way of "tourist attractions". I knew I was coming back later with my brother, and so I decided to save all of the museums and stuff for then. So, on this first stay, I elected to explore less typical places. My favorite was the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the site of many of the pictures you see above. All of the flowers and giant tombs and cobble-stoned paths--it was magical. I'd never been to a cemetery that was any more than regular old gravestones on a field of grass. I spent a good two hours at Pere Lachaise walking through, taking pictures, and seeing the graves of many famous Parisians. 

Of course, I did wind up doing some touristy things too. I visited Notre Dame Cathedral, and ran into two friends from my university randomly! What are the chances, am I right? They are the two boys you see me beaming with above. I also couldn't stay away from the Tour Eiffel at night. Every hour of darkness, on the hour, it sparkles for five minutes straight. Tourists--myself included, I'll admit--go wild; selfie sticks swinging, Snapchat open and filming away. In that last picture, you'll see my friend & travel-mate, Lauren, with me in front of the Tower. Even now, frozen in the background of a picture, it looks beautiful to me! 


  1. I think the Eiffel tower at night is a real must when in Paris,whether you're a tourist or not,it's so beautiful with the lights and sparkles :)
    Enjoy your trip through Europe :)


  2. Great post!!and wonder photos.. I really like the one with all the pigeons. :)


  3. Ahhh, I wanna hop on a plane right now...
    Haha, love the ones with pigeons, that's cute/funny xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  4. Hello, Rory! I left a comment on this earlier, but I forgot to switch google accounts so I don't think it went through... :( But now I'm here!

    I'm so happy you found me through Linda's blog--she's a gem. Williams is a great school--even though we're rivals, no hard feelings. UVa is awesome too--I've heard that campus is gorgeous.

    As a French major, I'm incredibly jealous that you got to go to Paris. I love that one of your favorite spots wasn't cliche at all. The cemetery is beautiful, and sounds like a perfect place to ponder and reflect.

    Wishing you the best summer!

    imperfect idealist


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