February 10, 2019

Being Comfortable in Your Clothing

The clothing you like to wear is one of the main ways you express yourself - or at least, in theory it is. But a lot of us like to sacrifice our own style and comfort for clothes that are cheap enough to afford, or clothes that we think give us a much more flattering figure than any others. But all in all, the clothes that hang off of our shoulders and frame our thighs should be comfortable, as well as have the style we’ve always longed for.

So with that idea in mind, what can you do about the clothing you’ve got in your wardrobe that you’re not comfortable in at all? Well, you can try and replace them with clothing like the stuff mentioned below.  

Shop in the Men’s Department
The men’s department has a lot to offer any woman who walks in there. After all, you’re guaranteed to find clothes that fit and are made well, and they might just be tad cheaper than what you find in the women's section! All in all, shopping in the men’s department increases the amount of clothes on offer to you, and will definitely crop up some hidden gems you weren’t expecting.

For example, that strappy vest top you thought you’d have to compromise over, because you need an underlayer for your work outfit but the only one available is thinner than you need it to be - you can find a thicker, bulkier vest top in the men’s section that’s going to fit you a treat! And not only that, but men have a lot of stylist shops on the go for them now, such as harold powell clothing. If you’d want something of a little higher quality for the price you’re paying (especially when it comes to designer clothes), a site like this should become a frequent haunt.

Pair Leggings with Everything
We all have a couple of pairs of leggings we love, and we all would love to wear them more. Well, there’s plenty of ways you can use leggings to your advantage when it comes to creating outfits, and going outside whilst wearing them isn't something you need to be embarrassed about.

A long top or sweater with some leggings underneath? Winning combination. A pair of soft or low slung denim shorts over some light leggings? Winning combination. Your legs are going to be warmer, softer, and you’re going to feel the effects of the tight skirt you’re wearing a lot less on the circulation in your thighs! And there’s plenty of good legging brands out there - weather you’re looking to use them to workout in, or you want something that’s good for lounging in, the brands listed here are as versatile as they come.

You want to be comfortable in what you wear, and lots of us have to work up to the style we truly love. So, make sure you’ve got the right wardrobe on hand, and that you’re not setting yourself up for a fail.

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