March 07, 2019

How to Dress for Your Personality from Sassy to Sporty

When you delve into your wardrobe every morning you are met with a whole host of clothing that doesn’t really fit with your personality. Over the years your style has evolved somewhat rapidly and you want to start dressing as a unique individual. In your younger days you would be quite happy to follow trends, but now you need to be comfortable in your own clothing. Dressing for your personality really isn’t that difficult, whether you’re sassy or sporty, there will be something for everybody. Consider some of the following ideas and see how your style could transform instantly from plain Jane to simply stunning.

Everybody Suits a Dress

No matter what your personal style choices may be, there will always be a cute dress out there that suits everybody. If you’re the athletic type then you a spice up a tennis style dress with some super chic sneakers. Girly girls can look pretty in pink with a floral skater dress and sandals. If you have yet to find your unique piece then check out the dresses from Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or you simply need a new go to day dress, they are bound to have a style to suit your figure and personality.

Find Fabulous Footwear

Now that you have pinpointed your unique style you need to find fabulous footwear to match it. If you’re the type of lady who loves to dress up no matter what the occasion then you might want to boost your heel collection. If comfort is more important to your laid back lazy style, then there are so many different sneakers and flats that are bound to make your outfit choices pop.

Accessorize Amazingly

Look online for some inspiration for up and coming accessory trends this year, but don’t feel like you need to stick to them religiously. Take some inspiration from the catwalk and then adapt it to your personal style. You don’t want to create a carbon copy image of a model you have seen online; you want to create the perfect image of you as an individual.

Wear Your Ensembles With Confidence

Even if your style is quite out there, you need to wear it with confidence and a smile. If you love the clothing you’re wearing everyday, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or feels. Embrace the personal style you have found within yourself and don’t allow anybody to make you feel second best; your style will be stunning to you.

So instead of feeling obliged to follow the crowd, why not allow yourself to stand out? You could step out of the house every morning feeling completely confident in the clothing you’re wearing. At a first glance people will be able to see what you’re all about too! So find that dreamy dress to suit your individual quirks and go to town with fabulous footwear. Being unique is important in the modern world, so use your clothing to express this every single day.

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  1. I LOVE the looks of both of the dresses you featured in the outfit photos above! Both of them look gorgeous.
    I also just visited the Filly Flair website and like the looks of colours, prints, fabrics and styles available in the the seven pages of dresses they currently have in stock.


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