April 04, 2019

Blue Jeans and Undies

Jean Jacket #1 - Urban Outfitters | Jean Jacket #2 - Blank Slate | Jean Jacket #3 - J. Crew

Now that I have to wear real adult clothes to go to work, I don't get as many opportunities to wear all of my old fun clothes. But that hasn't stopped me from splurging on a few things I love, and on basic I can wear even during the work week.

My first recent obsession: jean jackets. As you can see, I have no less than THREE. I've decked out two of them - the one in the first photo has a number of cute pins on the pocket. The one in the second photo does, too - but just three small ones. The last one is my oldest jean jacket and I've left it just as it is! I'm not a big tattoo girl, but I do love me some decked out denim. I'm in the process of getting the top jacket "tattooed" (aka embroidered) with the words "I am I am I am", a quote from my favorite poet, on the back in white. Do you have jean jackets? Do you leave them be or like them customized/ripped/studded/etc?

My next obsession: panties. Don't laugh. Look at them:

These are the easiest way to make wearing business attire much more comfortable...who wants scratchy underwear when you're in a suit? Not me. Tommy John recently started a women's line and I can't get enough of their stretchy, comfy undies. The "air" line is my favorite - they're like wearing nothing! If you have lounge time, test out their joggers/t shirts too. Based on the quality of their underwear, I can only imagine how great the loungewear is!

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