April 30, 2013

Libra Love

Topc/o Echoing Waters | Skirt- c/o Too Sexy Store | Shoes- giveaway Marco Santi at Sole Society | Earrings- c/o Jeannie Richard | Bracelets- gifted, House of Kami, c/o Marcella Leone | Necklace- c/o My Name Necklace | Ear cuff- c/o HolyLand's Treasures

2 weeks left of APs. I'm currently studying to death. 

April 26, 2013

Silver Sailboat

Dress- c/o Snoozer Loser | Shoes- Target | Necklace- c/o MyNameNecklace.com | Earrings- gifted Macy's | Ear cuff- c/o HolyLand's Treasures | Upper Arm Bracelet- c/o 88Links

I'm back on the ear cuff craze! You may remember when I got three last summer. Well I've got another one now thanks to HolyLand's Treasures, whom I've collaborated with before. 

In other news, I just won a national writing award from the National Council of Teachers of English. I'm absolutely ecstatic. If you want to read about it you can click here to see a list of other winners too! There were about 150 winners in the country and I am still shocked that I was one of them. I've been so lucky winning awards this year! Photography, writing...I'm really trying to show my two greatest passions :) Also I just started a club at my school yesterday! It's called "Photography Club". Can you sense a common theme here? :)

Happy Friday! Two weeks left til my torturous AP classes are over...hallelujah.

April 23, 2013


Dress- c/o BeBop Clothing | Shoesc/o MyHotShoes.com | Earrings- c/o Poor Sparrow | Bracelets- c/o Starry Groove, Attachments LLC | Upper Arm Bracelet- c/o 88Links | Belt- Forever 21

My 365 photography project is going awesome so far. I'm almost a third of the way done! I've also got a lot of attention for it. People at my school, friends, family, etc have told me what a great job I'm doing and how they look forward to a new picture everyday! I was also my high school's "Featured Artist of the Month" in February and my 365 project was mentioned in the article about me in the school newspaper. I must say, it's sometimes hard to take a new picture everyday but I like the challenge. I'm already thinking ahead to next year and what happens after this project. I think I want to make a book out of it! That way I will have forever the year I took a picture a day. Of course I'm going to continue with photography as well. Maybe i'll do another 365 project? Who knows, we'll see. I was also considering doing a 365 project for poetry. That would be a good way to keep my creative juices flowing and keep my writing at its best!

Any other ideas for "365 project" type things?

April 20, 2013

I Feel Old

Dress- c/o BeBop Clothing | Jacket- J. Crew | Sandalsc/o A'Muse Me Boutique | Necklace- Forever 21 | Earrings- gifted Kate Spade | Bracelets- c/o Torn To Pieces, c/o Starry Groove

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It is so nice out. About time! I love the warm weather, and wearing bare legs and sandals short sleeved dresses. The only downside is my legs are still all pasty and pale and my feet are even worse!! That's the main reason why I'm excited for summer--to get my color back! Not to mention having no homework, hanging out with my friends, sleeping in late, etc. Those are all important too of course. 

Now that prom's over it feels like the rest of the year is flying by. Less than three weeks til I take my AP tests, and two weeks from today I take my first of three SAT2s. And then once summer starts I'll be writing my college essay...and then it seems like before I know it I'll be off to college. How did I get this old!??!

April 14, 2013


Dress- Camille La Vie, Shoes- Target, Necklace- c/o Anjolee, Earrings- Kohl's, Clutch- Burlington Coat

Last night was my prom! At my school, junior and senior proms are combined (which is a good thing since that guy is a senior). So I still got to be with my friends at prom! It was a great night and everyone looked amazing. What do you think of my dress? :)