December 24, 2013

Spirited Away...

Top- Loft | Leggings- Forever 21 | Shoes- Sperry @ David Zs | Jacket- c/o | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Earrings- Forever 21 

Although I took these pictures the day before we left, I've finally jetted away to a tropical island...
can you guess where? Stay tuned for pictures :)

December 22, 2013

Fake Christmas

Top- Forever 21 | Skirt- Urban Outfitters | Jacket- c/o Free People | Scarf- Hollister | Hat- American Eagle gifted | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Boots- Lucky Brand @ Macy's 

I have a black leather jacket but it honestly doesn't get much use, partially because I feel too goth when I wear it since I wear so much other black. But then, this jacket came in. It's from Free People and it's one of their best selling jackets (of which they have many), and it's much easier to style if you ask me--because I can wear black with it! I did decide to stick with lighter colors though.

Today was FAKE CHRISTMAS at my house--meaning we woke up and opened all our presents and pretended today was Christmas! Why? Because on REAL Christmas we're going to be away (you'll hear more about that later...). I got everything I wanted--a curling iron, puffer vests, the hat I'm wearing here, and the cutest pair of boots! I'm so happy with everything I've got, I really am so lucky :)

Next time you see me I'll be TAN YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. (Being pale is seriously a struggle).


December 16, 2013

Birthmarks and Stabbings

Sweater- American Eagle | Dress- Free People via Lord and Taylor | Shoes- My Hot Shoes | Necklace- c/o O'Necklace | Earrings- Anthropologie, gifted | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington

A throwback to early this Fall in one of my favorite dresses. I love this dress and it's black twin that I wear just as often! Which color do you like better? See the black version here

Also--take a look at the first picture, and look at my eye. Notice anything weird about it?

You may see a brownish red blob mark thing. In some lights it's brown, in others it looks like a blood red. What is it? It's just a birth mark. I've had it forever and when I meet new people I always get a question about it. Some people ask me right away, others wait til I've known them for weeks. 

"You have something in your eye." or "What do you have in your eye?"are the most common. I've gotten the question so many times that I'm tempted to answer with "I got stabbed--you should see the other guy" or something scary/clever like that. The mark has never been something I wish I didn't have. It's really only obvious when I look sideways or up. But I've never found it ugly--it's just a birthmark like anyone else has! I think it's pretty cool actually, because how often do you meet someone who has a red/brown mark in their eye that makes it look like they've been stabbed? NOT OFTEN! I must be special ;)

Now that is some good college essay material. Ha. Good thing I'm done all my essays (FINALLY).

Happy almost Christmas!!!!

December 15, 2013


Sweater- c/o August Wrinkle | Necklace- Macy's gifted | Boots- Sperry @ David Z's | Necklace #2- c/o O'Necklace

I've had this dress since summer 2012 and I wear it literally all the time. So, how is that I don't know where I got it? It's hard to believe it, but this happens to me all the time. I often forget where I got something or who sent it to's so weird. Especially since I wear this all the time. I am pretty confident that it was sent to me by a British brand, but that's all I remember. Clearly, turning 18 didn't do much to help my memory...

December 12, 2013

Snow Day

Sweater- H&M | Leggings- Victoria's Secret | Scarf- Nimli | Hat- my brother's | Socks- American Eagle | Boots- Sperry 

Not the most special of outfits, just leggings and a sweater, but my friend Hannah and I were trying to match on this BEAUTIFUL snow day that we had off of school! :)
Snow makes me so happy--it's so pretty and makes beautiful picture opportunities. I was looking online for some snowy photography inspiration and found an absolutely beautiful engagement shoot in the snow. And then I started thinking about Christmas and how it's the perfect season for love. Don't worry--I'm not getting engaged, I'm not in love, nothing like that! Just having a day off like that to spend with a friend doing what I love (photographing) inspired me to create some wintry, happy, love themed collections below. 
Featured in all of those collages I put diamond engagement rings from Anjolee--because like I was saying, if you do have that special someone in your life--it's the perfect season for it. A proposal in the snow would be VERY ROMANTIC!
And I'm so excited to get my snow fix in early! I'll be posting some more shots of Hannah from our photoshoot next week! :)

Here are some of my favorite rings:
Plus, you can get them engraved! Ahh! I'm totally gonna make my husband some day buy me a big beautiful ring or else. Just kidding. Sort of. ;)

Ring #1: Get it here

Ring #2: Get it here

Ring #3: Get it here

Merry early Christmas!! :)