August 04, 2013

Rainy Day College Tour

Dressc/o Lucca Couture | Jacket- J. Crew | Shoes- c/o My Hot Shoes | Belt- Target | Tube Necklace- c/o Amy Waltz | Personalized "I AM" Necklace- c/o Amy Waltz

Potential first day of school dress? My mom thinks so and I'm starting to think so too! I wore it yesterday on a college visit (it was raining so I couldn't get that great of photos), and I'll be bringing it with me on my college roadtrip this week as well (and I'll get some better shots of it)!

It's also a promising option for an interview dress. Cute and stylish while still being appropriate! This outfit is definitely my new "college visiting/interviewing/touring" outfit :)

Thank you Lucca Couture!


Another thing I can't seem to get enough of--delicate jewelry! Especially when it's got my name on it. These two necklaces will be coming with me this week as well! The shorter one is engraved with my initials "REF" and the tube necklace complements it nicely, don't you think? I also love to wear handmade jewelry. It seems so much more special, plus I know I'm the only one who's got it since it's original! 

Thank you, Amy Waltz!

I'll definitely be getting more, clearer pictures of both the dress and the necklaces. They are too good to not wear again soon!


  1. so so cute! love the necklaces <3

  2. Very nice!!:) xo

  3. Love the dress Rory and you look lovely!

  4. I love that dress. I think it's perfect for the first day of school.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. Ooh that dress is so much fun!! And I've really been digging the delicate necklace trend as well-- I like my necklaces either bold and colorful or tiny and cute, nothing in between!!


  6. Beautiful dress. I like how the flowers aren't so pretty and prim, but of darker hues. Shows maturity but still young and fresh.

    Awwww college. Such a fun time.

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. You are looking lovely in this dress. I like its floral prints. I like to wear western dresses. They are enough to make a style statement among my friends.


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