July 01, 2015

Europe Part 2: Paris

| May 20 - May 24 |
From Iceland, we flew to Paris, which is certainly one of the prettiest cities I've ever been to. I was here for two different periods during my time in Europe, and I grew very fond of and familiar with the City of Light. For the first four days I was here, I didn't do much by the way of "tourist attractions". I knew I was coming back later with my brother, and so I decided to save all of the museums and stuff for then. So, on this first stay, I elected to explore less typical places. My favorite was the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the site of many of the pictures you see above. All of the flowers and giant tombs and cobble-stoned paths--it was magical. I'd never been to a cemetery that was any more than regular old gravestones on a field of grass. I spent a good two hours at Pere Lachaise walking through, taking pictures, and seeing the graves of many famous Parisians. 

Of course, I did wind up doing some touristy things too. I visited Notre Dame Cathedral, and ran into two friends from my university randomly! What are the chances, am I right? They are the two boys you see me beaming with above. I also couldn't stay away from the Tour Eiffel at night. Every hour of darkness, on the hour, it sparkles for five minutes straight. Tourists--myself included, I'll admit--go wild; selfie sticks swinging, Snapchat open and filming away. In that last picture, you'll see my friend & travel-mate, Lauren, with me in front of the Tower. Even now, frozen in the background of a picture, it looks beautiful to me! 

June 29, 2015

Europe Part 1: Iceland

| May 17 to May 20 |
Iceland is the very first place I've ever set foot out of the US. While we were only here for about 48 hours, we packed in SO much (because we didn't sleep at all)! We barely slept because during the summer, it doesn't get dark in Iceland--there are 24 hours of daylight. It was crazy to be going to bed at 3 AM with the sky still as light as if it were afternoon. 

For our time in Iceland, we stayed in Kex Hostel in Reykjavik (definitely recommend!) and rented a car, which we drove all along the southern part of the island. We didn't venture North (where the glaciers are) because we just weren't there long enough. A lot of the time, I felt like I was on Mars. As you can see from these pictures, there is some weeeeird terrain going on. Weird, but beautiful. I would go back to Iceland in a heartbeat.  

June 27, 2015

Ever the Same

Dress- c/o Others Follow | Jacket- c/o Others Follow | Shoes- c/o Blowfish Shoes | Eye Necklace- Jewelmint | Fieldcrest Series Watchc/o Jord Watches | Bracelet- c/o By Boe | Shorter necklace- Forever 21 | Sunglasses- c/o Giant Vintage
Honey, I'm HOOOOME! I'm back from my world travels and very contentedly sitting on my couch as I write this to you. After a month of being constantly go go go, it sure feels nice to do nothing for once!

I have lots of posts from Europe lined up for you, but as I'm still sorting through those (SO MANY PICTURES IT HURTS), here's an outfit from home! I didn't realize until I was looking at these pictures that the clothing I'm wearing is all Others Follow. Let me tell you, those guys got me through my first year of college. Receiving seasonal care packages of OF goodies resulted in the happiest trips to the mailroom ever. Seriously. 

Speaking of goodies, one of the best parts about coming home from Europe was all of the "swag" I had awaiting me! I had 5 nice big packages and 1 tiny package. The tiny package contained the gorgeous wood watch you see here, from Jord Watches. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it more than once yet, but so far I'm loving the style! It's a BIT loose but that's my fault for ordering the wrong size. I got the Fieldcrest Series watch in the color called "Natural Green" but was pleasantly surprised that it was more brown than green, because that was the look I wanted! As you can see, it goes very well with my brown wedges and bracelet and contrasts nicely against my white lace dress.

After living out of a tiny suitcase for 35 days, wearing the same 5 outfits pretty much on repeat, it sure feels good to be back with my massive closet again!