July 30, 2014

Like a Kid

Overalls- c/o Chicnova | Top- Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes- c/o MADELiNE | Necklace- Forever 21 | Earrings- Anthropologie | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses- c/o Giant Vintage

I am a child.

Reason #1: I'm basically wearing a onesie. I actually own another onesie--the pajama kind from Target--but those are pajamas, and I never wear them out of the house. These overalls constitute as a real actual onesie.

Reason #2: I am wearing SPARKLY ABERCROMBIE. Yes, this top is from the dank, smelly depths of Abercrombie. Yes, it has sparkles on it.


Arguments for why I am not a child?

Reason #1: I'm 18.

Reason #2: I've graduated high school.

Since it's a 2-2 tie, the tiebreaker (I haven't gone to college yet aka I still live with my parents), confirms that I am indeed a child.

Have you tried this crazy overalls trend yet, and what do you think? I can't decide if I should wear these in public yet...

July 28, 2014

Animal Instinct

Vest- J. Crew | Top- Kohl's | Skirt- Marshall's | Shoes- Target | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Necklace- c/o Accessory Mercado | Earrings- c/o By Boe | Sunglasses- c/o Giant Vintage
I wore this outfit last week to grab dinner in town with my brother and an old friend. I hadn't worn these shoes in ages and LOVED how they made the necklace pop against this neutral outfit. This is certainly a new favorite outfit...thoughts?

July 26, 2014

Pixie Purple

Dress- c/o Lulu*s | Jacket- J. Crew | Shoes- Marshall's | Necklace- c/o Accessory Concierge | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Wishbone Earrings- c/o Accessory Concierge | Bracelet and anklet- c/o Marrin Costello

BREAKING NEWS. I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! These pictures aren't taken with the new camera, but stay tuned for pictures with the new baby coming soon :)