August 14, 2016


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August 09, 2016

The Flow of Things

Dress- Forever 21 | Shoes- c/o Blowfish Shoes | Necklace- Forever 21 | Sunglasses- J. Crew Factory | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington
My internship this summer was marketing based, which absolutely helped me get back into blogging. Because I was working on the other side of things - seeking influencers to use in marketing campaigns for brands - I realized how much I missed Wear Abouts. Yesterday, a day after getting back home from my final day of my internship, I took my first outfit photos in over a year. It feels good to be getting back into the flow of things.

July 26, 2016

Cooper Hewitt

Dress- Impeccable Pig | Shoes- Converse | Necklace- Fira, Santorini, Greece | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Glasses- J. Crew | Purse- Kohl's
On a weekend at home, I spent an evening exploring the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum on the Upper East Side. It is one of my favorites hands down; from an exhibit where you could draw the wall paper, to giant pieces of art you could climb under and through, I thoroughly enjoyed my night here. If you're in the city for a's free on Saturday nights!