October 17, 2014

Lace Trim

Top- c/o ModDeals.com | Shorts- Forever 21 | Shoes- Converse via Macy's | Charm Necklace- c/o Kendra Scott | Watch- c/o ModDeals.com | Blue Necklace- Vanessa Mooney | Earrings, Eye Bracelet- c/o By Boe | Stud Bracelet- c/o Marrin Costello

Here's a little throwback from summer!

October 15, 2014

Once Again

Once again I've let time get the better of me! Since I (STILL) haven't taken any outfit pictures, here's more of what I've been up to. Also, I'm 19 now! My birthday was last week :) Hope all is well! I'm in the midst of midterms and loving UVa as always.

September 23, 2014

I Love College

Here's a quick(ish) chronological picture diary of my first month of college! I have a great group of best friends, lots of fun events under my belt, and many more to look forward to! I got to see my parents this weekend, which was awesome. My mini-fridge is now stocked with healthy deliciousness from Trader Joes and I haven't been to a dining hall since last Thursday...that's kind of a big deal :)

I've also been a bad blogger... would you believe that I haven't taken any formal outfit pictures since I've been here? I'll make it the excuse that I've been waiting for Fall. Today, Summer is officially over! I promise I'll take real pictures soon. xoxo