March 19, 2012

Sparkly Sunset (+answers)

Outfit Details:
Socks-Hue via Lord and Taylor
Necklace-vintage (my grandma's)
Earrings- TJMaxx
Pumps- Tahari

I find that the best time to shoot my pictures is in the late afternoon as the sun is setting, casting a soft glow to the photos. Rather than the harsh white light of midday, the light cast is much more flattering! I've taken pictures in all lights and made every mistake in the book. I'm still making them but learning as I go!

Thank you to everyone who left their questions on this post. Here are the answers (+ a little link love for those with questions!) :)

Vivi asked:

What camera do you use?

I use my dad's Nikon D40x with the 18-50mm lens it came with.

Who takes your photos?

99 % of the time, I take my own photos. I use a tripod and remote control! Rarely my mom will take my photos, and my brother's done it ONCE. I will indicate in the post if someone other than myself has taken my photos!

Rebecca asked:

What time of day do you find best to take photos?

Read the beginning of this post. I've already answered! :)

How do you choose your backdrop?

I try and choose a background that's as UN-busy as possible, whether it be an open field, trees WAY in the distant, or something equivalent. If a background is busy, a reader is more likely to focus on the background or find it harder to focus on the outfit. The first time I ever took outfit photos (you do NOT want to see those), there was a trash can, a house, a fence, some flowers, and anything and everything that could possibly be in the picture in the picture. My dad told me immediately that those pictures were bad and I needed the focus of the picture to be on my outfit. It's the sort of thing you say "DUH" too once you're told, but it's easy to not know that.

Linda asked:

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

The two main things I do outside of looooving fashion and shopping in general are soccer and writing. I like to write fiction, but don't have much time to do that outside of school. As for soccer goes, I'm the Varsity goalkeeper for my high school team in the Fall and play pretty much for the rest of the year, excluding winter. I'm also a vacation-lover (who isn't?). My family has gone to lots of fun places: Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii (THREE times!). But I've never been abroad or even outside of the US's borders except to go to Puerto Rico! I'm also a fan of NYC's Broadway plays (I've seen 15 since age 9!) and an avid reader.

Marianne asked:

Tell us a little bit about your life.

Outside of the hobbies and things I enjoy from above....I'm a student, first and foremost. A sophomore in high school, to be exact. In the summer, I'm a lifeguard (I gave a kid a Band-Aid once) and in the fall and spring I referee club soccer. I have a dog (the cutest thing EVER) who is 11 months and a brother who is 15. My mom and dad would rather not have their ages named ;) but they are pretty cool too. And as I'm sure every fashion blogger on the planet looooves to do, I shop at every opportunity that I can. Shop til you drop, is my motto! (<my mom can't wait til I can drive).

You can find out more about me in THIS POST (which basically sums up my life) or my ABOUT ME (which also basically sums up my life).

What are your dreams regarding the future?

As a 16-year-old girl, my dream first and foremost is to go to a college that I love and meet wonderful people there whom I can connect with. I love writing and fashion, and would love to incorporate those in a job somehow. Fashion writing sounds fun, and who wouldn't want to be a professional fashion blogger??

What made you start your blog in the first place?

Other fashion bloggers, really. I loved to shop and to look nice, like most girls do. I didn't dress to impress everyone else, I dressed for myself. On that level I could really connect with them. I was so inspired by seeing what they were wearing, and intrigued by all of the fun they seemed to be having blogging. So, I decided I just HAD to have one! Once I make up my mind about something, it's hard to change it!

Why don't you have a Facebook page or something similar?

As a student who does other things, I don't have time to maintain many social networks. I'd spend way too much time on blogging and not enough time doing the most important things: schoolwork and spending time with my friends and family. Perhaps in the summer, when I have more free time, I'll get a Facebook or a Twitter or something but for now, just having a blog is quite a bit of work! :)

Mica asked:

What would make your favorite outfit?

Sequins and bright color. I love sparkly things! Also, I'd throw in a collar necklace or something else totally statement. There would have to be killer shoes, of course. Whatever the outfit would be, it'd be something that was totally wacky! My mom has similar style to mine, and she often "keeps me in check", you could say. If she didn't approve my outfits before I walked out the door, half of the time I'd look like a clown to the rest of the world! It's good to get another point of view, from someone a bit more conservative in terms of style no less, so that you don't go too far over the edge! So to actually answer the question: my favorite outfit would include a Topshop dress, a pair of cool expensive designer heels that I don't actually own (Alexander Wang, anyone?), a jacket of some sorts, a pop of leopard, a funky necklace, and some awesome tights. Basically, THIS outfit sums it up.

Well, that's all for today. If you actually read this entire thing, I commend you. How long did it take for this entire novel to load? And did you make it through without a bathroom break? Just kidding ;) But good job on making it through! Also, I've got a fun giveaway in store in the next week!



  1. What cute look girl!

  2. Girl, I stinkin' love this outfit. THe sweater with the little belt is particularly adorable.. and the socks and heels. I'm just lovin' this! You've definitely got it going on ;)

  3. You have beautiful hair ... lots of great taste in clothes ... skirt =)

    Kisses from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. Very pretty!

  5. Great combination of party skirt with casual sweater !!

    Can't Afford Chanel Blog

  6. Cute belt! =)

  7. I loved getting to know you more Rory! :)
    Thats so cool you play soccer. I like volleyball and basketball, but if we had a girls soccer team I'd love to try it.
    And aww, thanks for the link love. I'll keep doing jumping shots just for you ;)
    Ph, and love your sequin skirt!

  8. You have such a lovely blog and style dear!

  9. I love the red detail and how adorable are those socks!? I want them!

  10. You are so GORGEOUS girl! and your blog is simply precious. You do lovely work and I am so excited to follow you. Keep it up girl!

  11. Love this outfit! The sequin skirt is great especially paired with that sweater :)

    I like the sound of your favourite outfit, and it's sweet that your mum advises on your outfits!

  12. Amazing style dear is great to know more about u love your sequin dress and sweater so girly kisses

    Dear, I am hosting GoodGoodschina giveaway currently, where you can win $80 worth of dresses and accessories ...Would mean a lot to me if you enter

  13. ooh i enjoyed reading your answers hun!
    loved how ur socks looked so CUTE
    Ginger and Lace

  14. Cute outfit, I see the socks and shoes are a trend now, super cool!

  15. Super cute look! Love the socks with the pumps!


  16. Such a cute outfit! The red belt looks really good! You are very pretty btw:)

  17. hey rory!! you look so cute, and i love sequins too! funny how we're both wearing sequins :) and GREAT answers/write up. loved reading it :) as for your Q - I generally like to find direct sunlight, anywhere between 12 and 4 is best, and make sure it is *almost* always directly behind me. Sometimes it creates a funny crown of light, or highlights any frizzies, but I feel like it creates the best lighting for my face :)

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