May 14, 2012


Outfit Details:
Top-Loft (similar)
Pants-H&M (similar)
Heels-Tahari (similar)
Bracelet- c/o Rocks Paper Metal
Necklace-Rice's Market (similar)
Green Bracelets-gifted (similar)
Thread Bracelet-DIY (similar) I'm about 2 months late on the H&M floral pants craze, but that's okay. I'm even later actually, if you count that I haven't worn them to school yet. These seem more like resort wear to me, don't you think? I can picture myself playing croquet or sipping a miami vice (sans alcohol) or even sitting on a beach-view balcony 25 stories up. But I feel like these just wouldn't WORK to wear to high school. First of all, although the print is fun and colorful, when I brought them home the day I'd bought them, my dad told me they looked like his grandmother's favorite floral tablecloth. Also, they are supposed to be pants. On me, they're more like capris. Let's pretend they're supposed to be like that, okay? And thirdly....thirdly, I would REALLY stand out. I mean really. One girl in my class wore the shirt version of this H&M print to school and she got a lot of compliments, which meant people were noticing. And that was just a floral SHIRT! What do you think? Are these
pants acceptable to wear to high school? Or should I save them for the breezy, balmy weather of some high-end resort that I may or may not go to?

p.s. You may have noticed I've now started including "similar" links. I encourage you to click and see what I've picked for you guys!! :)




  1. You should totally wear these pants to school Rory!!! Haha, and it looks like the majority are with me :)
    I say rock those capris, er, pants. Haha, you'll get noticed in a good way. I know how you feel (sometimes its scary to think you'll draw too much attention), but if you love it, you should wear it.
    I'm feeling really left out of this H&M floral pant trend...haha, I'm thinking that if I jump on board now, it'd be too late.
    Ah well, I like seeing the way you and other fashion bloggers wear these.

    Trendy Teal

  2. Love this look! You can tottalyw ear it to school - if the shirt feels too sheer for the class, add a jacket or a cami under..Love your pants- you look so beautiful! BTW, I am your newest follower on bloglovin (182). Would you like to follow back? Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. I remember in highschool admiring the girls who had the confidence to rock the trends to class. I say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain my wearing these to school. I wish that I had started to branch out more with my personal style while I was in highschool, and really admire those who do. It might take courage to stand out in highschool, but isn't courage something that's admirable?

  4. So cute! I say wear them proudly! I wore floral pants to work last week :)

    xo Jennifer

  5. Gorgeous photos! And I would definitely wear those pants to school, but my school might be a bit different from yours.

  6. I love those pants! Why would you ever hesitate to wear them? The colors are gorgeous, and so perfect for spring (obviously, when have florals ever not been spring-appropriate)

    Also lovin' your wrist bling. Totally on-trend and really fun. Goes with the bright colors of the pants.

    The name of that company "Rocks Paper Metal" is super cool.


  7. Cool figure my dear...wonderful pants

    XO - MUNICH - LA VIE Quotidienne - - SHOP in:

  8. ooh they are so cool! i love it, i saw it at H&M ;) so cool!

    do you want to follow us together? :)

    Tomorrow i will update the Gaudi fashion show form Barcelona, if do u like fashions shows, come to see it! ;)

  9. great outfit!


  10. i should inclued your photo on my last post , its about print(flower) pants! mmm bad luck to me that i recently saw your post!

    you look amazing maybe i use them for school

    sorry for my english i know its terrible! :D


  11. Such a cute look! I think you should totally wear this to school girly!


  12. Love the bright floral pants, perfect with that white shirt :)

    I'm not sure if you should wear them to school - we always have to wear a uniform to school here I've never been to a school that had no uniform. I guess if anything goes then these would fit in fine :)

  13. Your pants are amazing and love how you paired it with a simple white shirt. Super chic :)

    xo Lindsey
    Complacency Kills
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  14. Rory, take my word and wear those pants to school! They are amazing and you absolutely rock them!

  15. hi:)
    you're soo cute! i love your pants. your blog is fun and great <3
    from Turkey with love.

  16. Cute blog!!!

  17. I love those pants! They look gorgeous the way you have them styled here, I would totally go for it :)



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