May 31, 2012

May Roundup

1 //2

3 // 4 // 5

6 // 7 // 8

9 // 10 // 11

Monthly roundup time again! :) May was a busy busy month for me. I can't wait for a laidback June (after exams are over, that is). I have one today, the SAT IIs tomorrow, and then more next week.

Which of these outfits are your favorite? Personally, I like 10 :) 


  1. I am in love with every style you have<3 seriously I live in Miami and I cannot find such a pretty clothes! I envy you and your style lol

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  2. Ah, you had such a stylish month. I had the worst time picking a favorite...aha so since it let me, I vote for both 4 and 5 ;)
    Boy, you sure are kept busy! Keep it up though, almost done!

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  3. Love look nr. 6 most!


  4. Great blog babe...

  5. I love all of these looks! <3 You are seriously gorgeous!

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  6. Oooh! I really like all your outfits, especially 5, 6, and 10. Those floral pants in 5 are just way cool, and I love your striped blazer in 10. And that leopard skirt in 6 is something I would love to steal from your closet. >:D

    You sure do have some neat pieces! I like the idea of a monthly round up--unfortunately, I don't post enough to be able to do that. But this is so cool! It really showcases all of your pieces.

    D: && gasp! You are too sweet. My lens costed about $600 (early birthday present, haha, would not be able to afford that on my own x_x;;) and I got it from Amazon. Worth it, I'm quite sure! Your pictures are way awesome, though, and I don't think they need any improvement. So bright and clear they are. :)

  7. Great style! I love that no. 7 dress ;)


  8. So many lovely outfits, it's so hard to choose.. But if I must, nr 5 is my favourite!

    - Victoria


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