June 28, 2012

Oasap DOUBLE Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY NUMBER 1: You can win a silk slip dress and a $50 credit to OASAP! If the Rafflecopter is not working, try refreshing or viewing this post from the home page.

GIVEAWAY NUMBER 2: Super 152 dress giveaway! The more of you that enter, the more that win! 1 winner for every 100 entrants. CLICK HERE TO ENTER and follow the steps shown on that page!!!!!

Also--Congrats to the winner of the Luckiest Clothing giveaway! I've emailed you :)
WINNER: Adriana Costanzo


  1. I think the rafflecopter isnt working =\

  2. Same as JanM.
    It says there's already winners for the rafflecopter.

  3. Oooooooh, that apricot colored one is so pretty! Fingers crossed :)

    Enter my Blaque Muse Giveaway!
    Trendy Teal

  4. Done! Awesome giveaway =)



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