July 28, 2012

Hot and Cold

This is the last scheduled post--not a guest post, but a compilation of some of my favorite remixed items in my closet. These are the pieces that I wear again and again in a variety of different ways (not just the ways you see on the blog)! Which item or remix is your favorite? 

Lace top- Forever 21

Neon top- Marshall's

Black Skirt- Urban Outfitters

Floral pants- H&M

Pink top- Romwe

Crochet Top- OASAP

Purple Dress- Forever 21

Pink dress- Forever 21

p.s. I'll be back to regular programming tomorrow ;)


  1. I've just discovered your blog and love it!! Your outfits are so inspirational for me


  2. This is so not fair ...too many awesome pieces remixed to just pick one favorite! I love the lace, neon, and pink tops best :)

  3. Oh man, check these awesome outfits outtt! Are you really gonna make me have to choose between them?! ;) Because that wouldn't be nice since it'd be such a hard decision. But hey, I'm going to have fun with it:

    Lace top: 2
    Neon top: 2, but probably just because I love skirts!
    Black skirt: 1
    Flora pants: 2, but the necklace is one is so awesome.
    Pink top: 1, love that skirt!
    Crotchet top: 2, the floral headband and putting it over a dress is beautiful. Probably my favorite outfit from the lot.
    Purple dress: hmm, can't choose ;)
    Pink dress: 2, love those leopard shoes!

    Hehee, that was fun. :D

  4. Love this post! I love remixing and always appreciate the ideas :)

    xo Jennifer


  5. That lace shirt, the floral dress and pants.... wow, you have some nice things in your wardrobe. CUTE!!
    * STYLE ID NET *
    * Filomenas Closet *

  6. How can I pick when all these outfits are so nice?


  7. I actually like everything on the right side better. Weird huh? You have some great pieces though :)

  8. I love them all, especially the crochet top!

  9. This is a great idea for a post Rory!
    Each of the outfits is so cute and unique...how can you possibly pick a favorite?
    To avoid giving myself a headache trying to pick a favorite (I'm so indecisive!), I'm just going to talk about the little things I like about each look.

    The lace top in the first set of pictures is super cute. I really like how you did the halftuck when you wore it with shorts and completely tucked it in when you paired it with the skirt. Belting the outfit made it a little more formal but adding the floppy hat made the look more fun and beach appropriate.

    The neon top in the second set of pictures is so fun and bright!
    I really like how you paired it with wildly patterned bottoms. Both the skirt and the leggings add an element of wildness to the outfit that pairs really nicely with the brightness of the top.

    In the third outfit, I really like how you mixed patterns with the outfit on the left. That striped blazer you have is super cute and lends a girly preppiness to the entire look. As for the outfit on the right, i love the pops of color via the necklace and the shoes! Great accessories (something that I think can be said for all the outfits)!

    As for the last few outfits, there's just so much cuteness!
    To spare you the trouble of having to read my extremely longwinded ramblings, I'll keep it short and simple by listing a few of my favorite elements of the outfits.
    I love that gold pleated skirt as well as that adorable patterned purple dress (purple is my favorite color)!
    Additionally, you have so many adorable accessories! They really elevate your looks and pull everything together :D


  10. The look on the right with the neon top is my favorite (although the look on the right with the floral pants is a close second!).


  11. I love how you styled them differently! Looks new everytime!

    The Princess on the Brink


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