August 25, 2012

Tea Party

Dress (I'm wearing UK size 8/US size XS)- c/o Madam Rage, Shoes- Converse via Delia's, Hat- NYC street vendor, Silver Stone Bracelet-c/o Lobby, Pink Bracelet-c/o Torn To Pieces, Purple-y Bracelet-gifted, Necklace- Rice's Market

So today I went to a tea party at my friend's new house that was BYOTC (Bring Your Own Tea Cup). How cute is that?? I --of course-- did not have a tea cup/was too lazy to find one so I brought a nice big ole' mug. And all of my friends had their pretty little china tea cups and I just stood their grinning with my big ole' mug. Also I'm pretty sure that I ate 5+ mini cupcakes. I could not restrain myself. It was pretty awesome. And here's what I wore! Except I switched out red flats for the Converse so it was a bit more dressy. How cute is this dress from Madam Rage? I seriously love all of the clothing stores from the UK. Madam Rage, Topshop, LOVE, etc. They all totally rock.

Aaaand tomorrow....I'm seeing a play on Broadway in NYC! I'll tell you which one (and how it was) in my next post. I can't wait--I love daytripping into NYC.

AND HOW AWESOME IS THE QUALITY OF THESE PICTURES. I switched out the lens that came with the DSLR for a 55mm-200somethingmm lens and just stood farther away from my camera and tripod. The photos are so much clearer, crisper, and just overall...LOVE the quality. What do you guys think? Big difference, right? :)


p.s. LOOK--IT'S ME! And I'm on the homepage of Crash and Burn's store (third slide). Check it ouutttt here.


  1. This is such an adorable dress. That print is too cute!

    Ava Tallulah

  2. I know, Madam Rage has the cutest dresses! Something about overseas shops, huh? Haha, super cute way to rock it a sporty way with your Converse. :)
    And an actual tea party? I admit, I'm slightly jealous! Haha, that's awesome, I would've devoured plenty of cupcakes. Although I'm an oddball...I'd probably just eat the frosting I am a frosting addict!
    Anyway, yes! The picture quality is just AHMAZING, keep taking photos with that lense, because wow...just total difference!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Hello hello Rory!

    That idea of a BYOTC tea party is so fanflippingtastic!
    I've always dreamed of having a tea party so someday I might need to gather up a group of friends to do that :)
    As for having a big ole' mug instead of a dainty little teacup, there's nothing wrong with standing out a little!
    Your outfit was absolutely perfect for a fun little tea party. The whimsical print on your dress is too cute and your hat adds a nice summery touch. I also like how you made things a little more casual with Converse but you were also able to dress your outfit up with some flats.

    Oooooh I can't wait to hear what play you're watching/watched in New York. I also can't wait to see what you wore :)

    And before I conclude this rambling comment, I would just like to say that the quality of your photos is amazing! I love the clarity and vividness of each photo!

    Have an awesome weekend Rory! <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  4. Wow ! A tea party sounds so fun! I love the idea. That dress has a great print ! :)

  5. Lucky you with that new lens! :) I think UK shops just have a much larger range than their American equivalents just because personally, I think english fashion has more history and depth and so many great periods/subcultures to pull from.

  6. Love your dress oh so much. It's so pretty and the print is adorable. I've always wanted to go to a tea party! x

  7. Love your dress. It's so cute. I've always wanted to go to a tea party! x

  8. Cute prints on the dress! I really like it and you look amazing! :D

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    See you there! :D
    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive

  9. that dress is really fabulous, love the print!! :)
    the photos look great by the way!

    Drawing Dreaming

  10. You have a beautiful dress :D

  11. The dress is so cute! And you rock it with the sneakers! Glad you are on the homepage of Crush and Burn's store! :)

  12. So cute! What Broadway show are you seeing? I saw one in June but I honestly hate being a tourist in the city because the actual tourists annoy me in Times Square so I did it once for my friend and will most likely never do it again! Great how you paired the dress with Converse so it wasn't as dressy.


  13. Oh gosh, that's such a cute dress! Look at the cute little print, eeep!~ perfect for a tea party... which sounds like it was so much fun! I have yet to come across the perfect tea cup (I've been searching, ehehe). Also congrats for being featured on the home page, love! That's so exciting! Check you out, bein' all cool on the front page. ;)

  14. You look so cute! I LOVE your dress!



  15. Like it lots!!

    xoxo lorena

  16. That dress is so adorable! :)

  17. Such a cute dress! Love the animal print!

  18. Cute look! Loving the print on that dress! Congrats on being on C&B site!!


  19. oh this is so cute!
    and that dress is so pretty, love the print :)


  20. Such a lovely and perfect dress for a Tea Party. The print is so whimsical and cute and the silhouette is amazing on you! I had never heard of a BYOTC but sounds like a very fun and original idea. Definitely will have to try it some day! And congratulations on the feature!


  21. I love this dress,it's the perfect look for a tea party with the girls!

  22. Such a lovely dress, it looks great on you!


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