August 08, 2012

Wood Dog Tangerine

Wood Dog Tangerine Top- c/o QooQoo, Skirt- Marshall's, Shoes- Blowfish, Pastel Bracelets- c/o LoveKhloeStudio (USE COUPON CODE "WEARABOUTS" FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!), Necklace- Lylif, Hat- Street Vendor, Cuff- Attachments LLC

So who's been watching the Olympics? Wait, no, who hasn't been watching? 

If you haven't, you should be, and if you have, what's been your favorite part so far? I loved the gymnastics (Gabby Douglas is so cute!) and the swimming, of course. I'm glad that Phelps came out on top in his final race against Lochte. He just seems so much more...with it... than Lochte does. You know what I mean? Maybe I just like him better since I've been following him for so long. As far back as I can remember an Olympics, Michael Phelps was there! 

Also, like this top? I sure do! You are going to have a chance to win something from QooQoo next week!!! WOOHOO!

And I've got a discount code for you guys! At LoveKhloeStudio, use code WEARABOUTS for 10% off of your order! The bracelets I'm wearing here aren't for sale anymore but you can get a similar set in blue, black and purple here.


  1. This T-shirt is so cool! One of my favorite things to do is to mix graphic T with printed bottom! Love it! xo

  2. cute top and lovely skirt! pretty :)

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  3. You look adorable, loving the skirt! I have been watching the Olympics like crazy too. My favorite gymnast is Aly Raisman and also super happy for Phelps and all his medals and records!


  4. Love the outfit and how you styled it. The bracelets look great on you, too-- so happy! Btw, what nail color are you wearing?

  5. Love the skirt!! ♥

  6. bracelets, shoes, skirt, top- all spot on! this is such a great great look. def coming back for more.


  7. Love the t-shirt print and all the accessories. It makes me envious how you do your nails so well, I always have one perfect hand and one tragically crap hand.

  8. Love Your blog! ♥ great t-shirt :D

    check out my new outfit, hope U gonna like it :)

  9. Great post !

    Love your top !

    p.s Check out my first Rire Boutique Giveaway !! :)


  10. Ehehehe I'm glad my comments make you laugh. ;D WHAT ARE BLOG BUDDIES FFOORRR? <3

    This is such a cute outfit. ARG you always have such cute outfits though of course. I seriously adore those shoes and your pretty bracelets. I've been having a thing for stacked bracelets lately, and I've bought about four bracelets in the past week... I need help.

  11. I always enjoy the gymnastics and swimming as well! Very cute outfit btw, you mix patterns like a pro!

  12. Your blog is so lovely!! I'm your newest follower! :D

  13. love this look! thanks for following followed you back! and yes i have been watching Olympics non stop!! i love the gymnastics and have been watching a lot of the swimming too!


  14. Love your blog, i just checked it..i would love to follow you! What do you think about follow eachother? :) come and take a look. xx

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  15. I enjoy the same two events :) Haha and yes, while I definitely appreciate Lochte (mhmmmm), I'm glad to see Phelps reminding him who's top dog in the Olympics lol.
    Anyway, another awesome outfit girl! Haha, the leopard print skirt is perfect with the cute tee. You mix prints so well. Plus, awesome shoes! I like them a lot :)

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  16. I really love the synchronized Swimming! those girls must have practised nonstop!

  17. Noticed from scrolling down a bit that you have great taste in jewellery! xx


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