October 27, 2012


Top- Material Girl via Macy's | Skirt- Urban Outfitters | Shoes- c/o My Hot Shoes | Bandeau- c/o August Wrinkle | Bracelets- c/o Vanity Gal, c/o Cosmorones | Necklace- c/o BestPersonalizedJewelry | Earrings- c/o Jeannie Richard

It's strangely warm and calm in my town. Strange, because Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm is on its way. They're talking big winds, big rains, even snow. On Halloween!! What does that mean for me? Well, we might get off from school. Our Halloween parade might also be cancelled for the second year in a row. We had a big snow storm last year around Halloween when we lost power for a few days. I would love to have off of school, but I don't want to miss out on trick-or-treating!! 

Got this summery shirt on Thursday night as a part of some retail therapy after my team lost a tournament game for soccer 1-0. That game officially ended my junior year Varsity season. I've only got one season left! Sad :(

You probably think it's weird that I have bare legs, bare arms...even a bare back. But I promise you--these photos were taken TODAY! It's 65 degrees out, not sunny at all, but very nice. It's weird. This is October? I'm sure Frankenstorm will show us what's really in store for the winter...


  1. OH no!! Rory dearest, I hope that you stay safe up there. Don't let the Frankenstorm get you... and I really don't want for it to ruin your Halloween. Hopefully it'll move outta the way, or at least only get you out of school and still let you have Halloween. Whatever it decides to do, BE SAFE!!~

    onto your outfit... are those a bunch of As on the shirt? That's so cool. I love how it's so abstract, and the whole black and white look is SWEET. Like you. <3

  2. This is terrible! be careful and I hope it won't be so destructive like they say on the news! by the way your outfit is so cute, love the top:)


  3. Texas weather is very similar! i wore a tank and shorts yesterday. so weird.. love your outfit though!

    found the route

  4. Ohhh.. Great... Like it.



  5. Such a cute look! Loving your blouse and necklace! Stay safe! Hopefully the storm won't be so bad!


  6. Absolutely adorable! I am gearing up for the storm too, hopefully it is not that bad!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. That is an awesome skirt! And omg, the Frankenstorm is freaking everyone out. Hopefully, things will be a-ok..


  8. Havent see a writting on skirts before! Cool.

    Kisses from Brazil!
    Thais Rodrigues

    Instagram - @thaisrodriguesribeiro

  9. Yup, better enjoy the calm before the storm!
    Aw, and hope you get to go trick-or-treating. I've skipped out almost every year since we've moved here just because its so COLD every Halloween! Aha, besides, it's almost as fun just handing candy out - the cutest kids come up with some creative costumes :)
    Anyway, love that gorgeous top - the bare back cut outs are awesome!
    And once again, you mix prints effortlessly. I love it ♥

    Trendy Teal

  10. Amazing look :)

    I'm a new follower from Italy :)


  11. I love that top! The print is so graphic!

  12. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!

  13. In love with that top and skirt hun and gosh be carefull with the frankernstorm dear must be horrible.

  14. love that shirt! the detail on the back is so cool! you rock at mixing prints :)



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