October 13, 2012

Rolling Thunder

Jacket- Wilson's Leather | Kent Dress- c/o Crash and Burn Apparel | Shoes- Tahari via Lord and Taylor | Carrie Necklace- c/o Best Personalized Jewelry

I received this name necklace in the mail last weekend, and I've worn it to school every single day since. I've wanted one of these for so long, they are so stylish--you may be familiar with another name for these necklaces, the "Carrie", a trend started by the ever stylish Carrie from Sex and the City. Well, now Rory's got one too!!! You can get one personalized to your liking in silver, gold, double thickness, and so on from Best Personalized Jewelry. I highly recommend!

I also got this dress from Crash and Burn Apparel in the past week. I've received pieces from them before, including my favorite t-shirt ever. You can see all of the ways I've styled Crash and Burn before HERE. Their styles are edgy and include lots of tie-dye...which is my favorite print ever! So of course, I looove my Crash and Burn! :) If you want to buy something, the quality is amazing. And I've got a coupon code for you! Use code "WEARABOUTS20" for 20% off of your order at Crash and Burn.

On another note, thank you all so much for the birthday comments, tweets, and emails! I had a nice birthday on Thursday despite having to study all night long, and my family will be celebrating my birthday today by going out to dinner and opening presents! On my actual birthday, I got one of my presents and it was 4 pretty nail polishes for fall. I am kind of addicted to painting my nails so these will certainly come in handy :). One of my friends baked me cookies, another brought me a king-size hershey, and still another made me a big, colorful card. It was a good day! I'm off to my third soccer game in 4 days now...and then after that to celebrate my 17th! Have an awesome weekend, guys!


  1. Aweee RORY I'm glad that your birthday was so amazing and that you were able to indulge in such delicious foods! A GIANT HERSHEY'S?! That sounds legit. But yes, happy 17th to you, and here's to many more wonderful years to come! <3

    Your hair looks so super pretty here--it always does, of course--and that dress is so nice. It really does look like rolling thunder and and lighting and stORMS of wonderful storminess. :D

  2. Your birthday sounds like it was still a sweet one! Aww, you are so loved, haha, nail polish, giant candy bars, and an awesome homemade card? Seriously, that's the best :)
    Anyway, love that Crash & Burn dress! I swear I thought it was the same one I have from them, but then I saw the ruffle at the top. Nope, just the same print though haha. Blogger twins! ;)
    And I love the name necklace, it could become your own signature piece :D

    Trendy Teal

  3. Happy birthday rory :P it sounds very fun and a happy one. I want my own name on a necklace. When I have money I will buy it with a doubt!

  4. Happy Birthday! you look stunning! i love how your paired a leather jacket with that dress! so cute!


  5. That dress is to die for ! great color!


  6. In LOVE with this dress, it's so cool! And I love it with the leather jacket x


  7. I love your dress! so amazing <33


  8. I just love your moto jacket. You look gorgeous. Would you like to follow each other? See you. :)


  9. OMG OMG OMG, I LOVE your blog sooo much! You are gorgeous as well! I love your style!!! Keep on blogging, can;t wait to see more from you... following :).


  10. beautiful dress! looks great with the jacket!

  11. Beautiful dress
    and great combined with that
    leather jacket!
    Great outfit!


  12. you look amazing! would you like to follow each other?


  13. would've never thought to pair a dress with the leather jacket. looks great on you

    <3 Kelly

  14. Such a cute outfit! And happy late bday! Now I want a necklace like that!


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