October 02, 2012

Take Me Back

Top- Polo (boys' section) | Shorts- c/o Lobby | Shoes- Converse | Hat- NYC street vendor | Bracelets- House of Kami, c/o Lobby | Necklace- (giveaway win) InPink

These pictures taken at the end of summer render me nostalgic and leave me reminiscing. I miss summertime so much! I miss having absolutely nothing to do, no schedule to follow, and no where to be. On the other hand, I love soccer and I love seeing my friends and I love picking outfits for school. If only there were a way to mix the two. 

And remember when I got these Converse for back-to-school? I wear them at least twice during the school week. Best purchase ever.


  1. Aweeee, summer is nice indeed, but it's also nice to be learning and doing stuff again! I would get a little too bored over the summer, even with a class and work. :P BUT NOW, WE ARE INTELLIGITIZING OURSELVES~ or something.

    Those shorts are so cuuute! And practical shoes that are cute are always a win.

  2. Ugh, I definitely relate...I miss not being stressed out all the time -_- Bleh. I think school is taking a toll on my health now - I'm starting to get sick just from all the stress and lack of sleep I'm doing now! :/
    Aw well, we'll pull through. Aha, it is nice to have something to get dressed for all the time! ;)
    I loooove those shorts btw. I remember them from the first time you posed them! Hehe, so awesome

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  3. Those shorts are cute!

    xo Jennifer


  4. As the weather is getting colder up here, it makes me miss summer time too. Although, I can't wait to ski! Those shorts are lovely.


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