October 07, 2012


Top- c/o Lobby | Shorts- American Eagle | Shoes- Converse | Bracelets- c/o Starry Groove, gifted | Necklace- c/o Adriana Soto | Rings- c/o Miss Viss

...as opposed to tie-dyed. I thought it was clever, anyway, as it about sums up how I'm feeling right now. Took the SATs yesterday. And spent all of today studying for an AP Biology test. Memorization to the extreme, you guys. Only two words describe how I feel: DEAD TIRED. 

Sadly, shorts season is coming to a close. While it's still warm enough where I am to wear outfits like this to school, I don't think it's going to last much longer...


  1. Oh no!! Shorts season is indeed coming to an end. It 'tis starting to get a bit too chilly for them. But that means tight season is coming!! :D There is always a silver lining.

    Your shorts are really cute though~ they remind me of a very stormy sky andand I LIKE YOUR PUNNY TITLE EHE. <3 Seriously, I appreciate it. ;) I'm sorry that you're feeling rather dead, though, but at least the vicious SATs are over... for now.

  2. Rory, Rory, Rory!
    Your title made me crack up. Like Ali said, I like your punny title! People take things way to seriously sometimes so it's nice to be able to just laugh a little bit and release some stress. Though I do wonder...why did the tie die? Hehehehe :)

    Those tie-dyed shorts of yours are majorly cool though! The dark and light contrast is very pretty and I like that you kept things lighter and softer on top with your heart tank top. Ooooh and I really adore that crystal bullet necklace you're wearing! It's kind of hippy coolish and adds such a fancy shmancy to a casual outfit. Noooo shorts weather is almost over! Well, it may be for you but I'm not sure if it is for Californians! The weather has been very crazy indeed lately. Just let the fall come already! Tights and layers are my friends :)

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling dead right now. At least you're done with the SAT! I'm sure you did amazingly so just forget about it. Go eat some food or go enjoy a good book or a tv show or just relax!


  3. Man, enjoy the shorts weather while you can! These are certainly one of the cutest pairs I've seen - nice twist on the tie-dyed phrase ;)
    Hope you get recharged for another week! Sounds like you could use a mental day off haha

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  4. Your tie-dyed shorts are so cool and I love the cute heart print top! ugh I took the SAT yesterday too :( not fun. But yay it's done (haha I rhymed...) Anyway, good luck on your AP Bio test!

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  6. really digging this look! those shorts are fantastic!

  7. LOVE the shorts :)


  8. Its freezing where i live. I live in coats and boots now!

  9. Here on my hometown, summer doesn't want to leave so shorts season is still on :) Good luck on your test and get energy for next week.


  10. love the shorts!


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