November 10, 2012


Sweater- c/o Wholesale Dress | Skirt- TJMaxx | Shoes- Ellie Tahari via Lord and Taylor | Tights- Lord and Taylor | Bracelets- c/o Starry Groove, c/o Lobby, c/o Torn to Pieces | Necklace- c/o Vanessa Mooney

Ugh, guys, I'm STILL without power. On Monday it will have been two weeks since we lost it. Thank god for the generator--and strangely, we still have internet/TV/phone. There's a chance we'll get power back tonight or tomorrow, and I sure hope so!!! I have certainly been freezing cold as the house has no heat when we have no power. Is anyone else still out of power or feeling the effects of Sandy? Also, were you guys happy with the outcome of the presidential election? 


  1. You look beautiful!
    I love this whole look.

    Especially that sweater. <3

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    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. Okay yep this is probably one of my favorite outfits of yours~ or maybe even my favorite of ALL. IT'S SO PRETTY and you're so pretty and so pretty in red you are~ I love the pattern mixing with the different grey and black prints. Those tights are somethin' fierce.

    I'm sorry that you still are without power! Dang, really hope you get it back soon. That's much too long without power. :( You poor thing! Stay warm. Wear lots of sweaters. u___u <33

    and gurl I'm sure you know how I feel about the election outcome *z-snap*

  3. Once again...DEM LEGS, GIRL!!! Haha, love this look Rory, that sweater looks so cozy and stylish. Plus, you can never go wrong with a bodycon skirt in my opinion ;)
    And the tights! Such a cool pattern - like bricks :D
    Ooooh man, sorry about the power! That's craziness. Hopefully you'll get it back tonight. Till then, pile on the blankets!
    Aaaaaand no, honestly, I feel like I'm one of the few in my generation who's not happy with the results of this election. -_-

    Trendy Teal

  4. ooh those tights are sooo awesome! the pattern is so cool! love it :D really loving this look! such a beautiful sweater! the perfecttttt color for fall ;)
    my parents just got power back there power yesterday so hopefully you'll be getting it very very soon!! :)

  5. Awesome outfit! lovin the sweater!!!

  6. Love everything about this outfit! You look great & the colour of the sweater is great with the autumn leaves :-)

    In the opinion of me & my friends, those of us who are not American are generally thrilled with your election results :-)))


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  7. like how you layered that knit w/the dress. the tights are also super cool!

  8. hope everything was okay after hurricane sandy! been seeing all tweets and facebook posts about it , but def glad you're okay!

    anyways, i am really glad w/ the election results! i just feel so happy Obama's back for another term! :)

    and always Rory love you look amazing, love how you styled this outfit! perfect for fall <3.


  9. The tights looks good in the combination with this skirt


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