November 23, 2012

The Evil Black Friday Fairy

Dress- c/o Glamorous UK | Button up- c/o Sheinside | Shoes- Target | Seamless leggings- c/o Too Sexy Store | Leather cuff- c/o Cosmorones | Bracelet- gifted | Necklaces- c/o Best Personalized Jewelry, c/o Anjolee

So I had this whole post written up about how I was not going Black Friday shopping blah blah blah and it went something like this:

"I'm usually the first person online at the H+M at the mall on Black Friday. I'm that crazy lady who pushes people out of the way and whacks them with her super full shopping bags. I'm a store owner's nightmare because I'm a tornado and I try on EVERYTHING and buy like one thing. Once a year, I'm the evil Black Friday Fairy. But this year...I'm not. I won't spend all morning shopping. I won't get up at 1 AM to spend ten hours shopping."
And then I went on to say why:
 "Well, first of all, my closet is kind of brimming with clothes right now. I don't have much extra room than what's already in there! And also, last year, I had a bad experience of waiting in the checkout line for TWO hours at H+M and it was exhausting. Well, more exhausting for my mom who stood there for the full two hours at 4AM while I wandered around. But still."

And then I even made myself feel better about it by saying:
"Finally, lots of places are offering free shipping and the same deals online as they are in stores! Why browse the crazy sale racks and navigate all of those evil crazy people *ahem me* when I can sit in my PJs on the couch with some nice music playing and shop online?? So that's what I'll be doing this year"

But then....I didn't do that.
I didn't because online shopping is a joke when you can go and do the REAL thing and touch all of the clothes instead of stroking your screen and try on all of the shoes instead of hoping they run true to size and experience the thrill and push people out of the way and stuff. So, you guys, I'm going Black Friday shopping. 


I'm on my way out riiiight now. I'm later than most crowds. But last year, we left too early. I'll still get the deals, and I'll miss the crowds a bit now. But I won't miss the rush of it. The rush of adrenaline, that is. I've still got that and I can't wait!!! What's Black Friday without shopping, anyway? BLACK FRIDAY 2012 HERE I COME.

What are your plans for Black Friday? 

Oh right, and yesterday was Thanksgiving! Almost forgot :) My Thanksgiving was nice. I pigged out on potatoes and pie :) And I wore this comfy outfit. Don't worry, the dress is loose enough that it hid any sign of food baby!


  1. Love the dress!

    You better shape up cause I need a man

    1. HAHA I accidentally pasted Grease lyrics okay I'm sorry hahaha

  2. RORY YOU BRAVE, EVIL, BRAVE FAIRY GIRL YOU. Be careful out there in the Black Friday masses, ya hear? You really do look like an evil fairy, though, and I totally approve of it. Seriously, I would steal this entire look. Especially those boots. I'm actually considering getting those boots from target now because they look so goood... I wonder if they're still there? I want to copycat you. Not even gonna lie. :D

    And your stars are amazing and you are a star, and I'm glad your thanksgiving was amazing (did you name your food baby? I named mine Carol)

    STAY SAFE. I'm not doing anything too exciting today (going out would be cray, I think) and so we're just decorating our house for Christmas, yeeey!

  3. Have fun!!! Haha, I actually did some my Black Friday shopping online and took advantage of combining the deals with coupon codes :) Thank goodness for You look like the cutest Black Friday fairy!!

  4. That sheer top over thatdress is so adorable! I lvoe this look. I left for Blac Friday at 11 last night and got back at 5AM. Haha. Definitely so crazy and all I got was 3 sweaters and a pair of jeans!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. I did the EXACT same thing this year and I'm still mad at myself for giving in (but not mad enough to fawn over my purchases). I hope you managed to snag a ton of great deals! I'm loving this look by the way. The cut out in your dress is perfect. :)


  6. I don't like Black Friday to be really honest. It looks very exhausting and I don't like to make lines. It is too crazy for me x).

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  7. haha, this post is so funny and cute! yes, black friday is crazy sometimes.. but i went anyway (just to little stores though!). i don't think i could handle large lines!

    lindsey louise


  9. Love this post!
    You have a great blog dear, keep it up! :)

    Have a good weekend XO

  10. Gorgeous, love the cuff. And the starry top thing, also the peace bracelets. You look gorgeous :D


  11. Hahaha! I know, caving to Black Friday is acceptable though. Because honestly, who'd rather be placing screen shots of clothing in their online shopping cart when they could be trying it on in real life??
    I went Black Friday shopping, although I went later too, so I missed most of the crazy crowd thankfully. :)
    Love that star print jacket girl, and that dress has such cute cut outs!

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  12. Haha I always end up going too! I wish I had an H&M around though!!


  13. Such a lovely dress, love how you kept it casual with the combat boots.

    Fashion Agony blog

  14. Hee hee your post made me think of that episode of Seinfeld when George knocks over a lady with a walker because he thinks the apartment is on fire. Don't be a George! Well I guess if it is a REALLY good sale... Cute outfit btw.

    Ali of:

  15. Your outfit somehow reminded me of a Dolce and Gabbana collection. Love it!

  16. i love how you played this dark ensemble

  17. I love your cardigan! Its really cute!



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