December 15, 2012

Pink Lady

Top & Necklace- Forever 21 | Jacket- Gap Men's | Belt- Gap | Jeggings- American Eagle | Cuff- c/o Cosmorones | Cambridge flats & Bracelet- c/o Pinktasia

Had a loooong week and only one more to go before I'm off for Christmas break! FINALLY! I can't wait for Christmas. I had a looong wishlist this year, haha. I'm sure all fashion bloggers do though, right?

Plus I've only got one test this week. I had a bunch last week and I will have a bunch when I come back from break...but for now, anyway, I get to relax a bit. I am so ready for the holidays!


  1. One more week for me too! Well...kind of. Aha, just three finals ("just" hahahaha! who am I kidding? three freaking 'freak-out' finals is more like it) and then I'm done. Then it's vacation time! :D
    Anyway, I cannot tear my eyes off of those pink oxfords Rory. I am quite bedazzled by them!

    Trendy Teal

  2. i lovee the touch of that pink in this look, dear =)
    you look very simple but stylish !!!
    thumbs up ^^


  3. EEEeeeeeeeey, pink lady! op op op op oppa gangnam style~
    haha okay that was pretty bad but your pink oxfords are not bad. THEY ARE RAD. RAD RAD RAD.

    yay for only one test this week! I hope that it is quick and painless. :D :D Yeah, I feel like most fashion bloggers have quite a few things they want... mainly shoes... pretty, pretty shoes.

  4. Those shoes are so cool!! I LOVE PINK

  5. You are amaze! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! The pop of pink is soo pretty! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. I ADORE those pink oxfords.. you are so cute! I have a giveaway running right now & would love for you to enter it! They have some amazing stuff that will look awesome on you!
    Nikki at

    Enter my GIVEAWAY for $100 right now!

  7. So pretty! Love the pops of pink!! <3

    ox from NYC!


  8. Your outfits are always so fun! I love the pops of pink and your cute shoes! :)

    I major in fashion merchandising haha

  9. Haha good luck for finals :) I already had my hell week (although it was more like four weeks of hell because doing a fashion design degree is a bit different from BAHM FINAL EXAM TIME) so hopefully yours will be done soon too :)

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  10. ugh you so cute! very professional but fun and girly look. i can't waitttt until Christmas morning!!! I better get that iPad and Doc Martens LOL.

  11. I love the fun pops of color you've used to mix up jeans and a jacket! Cute as always!


  12. I love those flats!!

  13. Loving those shoes, the color is so pretty :)


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