January 26, 2013


Blazer- J. Crew | Top- Aeropostale (OLD) | Skirt- Motel Rocks c/o Lulu*s | Necklace- gifted Macy's | Boots- Sperry | Sunglasses- Buffalo Exchange | Cuff- Attachments LLC | Leggings- Aerie

My favorite color is purple, for sure. I've been slowly incorporating things into my wardrobe that are purple--this blazer and necklace for example. I have purple shorts, purple dresses, a purple blazer. My closet is painted and themed with a purple pattern. Purple is just so luxe--I'll never get tired of it! 
How was everyone's week? Mine was busy but good--especially since I discovered yesterday that I was chosen as one of 8 people in my grade to participate in a writing contest! The way it works is 8 of us (out of around 100 in my grade total) are picked to submit a piece of writing to the English Department at my school. Then from there, 1 person will move on to represent our school in the national competition. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???!!
I'm very excited :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit, you have such great style!
    Katie xx

  2. OoooOooo, a writing competition! That's awesome, do you know what you'll write about? Wishing you luck Rory :D
    And I'm liking this purple craze you're going through. Its such a pretty color <3
    The plum blazer is perfect with the statement necklace!

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    Trendy Teal

  3. Lovely skirt & necklace!


  4. purple's my favorite color too!! :D so that blazer is even more gorgeous in my eyes ;) congrats on being chosen to participate in the writing contest!! and good luck!! :D


  5. OOoh good luck on your writing competition, Rory! I'm sure you'll do AWESOME because you're super talented at so many other things, too. :D

    Also, this outfit is GRAPE. hahajsdhsajdhakjhhaha see wha t I did grape great gAHD I am classic

  6. THANK YOU so much for your comments on my blog! It meant a lot considering how much I absolutely love yours :) You look adorable here and the purple blazer is awesome! Good luck with the writing contest, that sounds amazing!!

    xo inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  7. What a grape outfit! Heehee aren't I so punny? Actually, please don't answer that. I think you and I both know the answer to that. :)

    Funnily enough, my favorite color is purple as well! Since I'm unfortunately not in possession of that many purple things, I must admit that I am a teensy tad bit envious of your purple blazer Rory. You wear it so well though. How can I be anything but happy for your amazing purpleness? Seriously though, I love the purple paired with that gorgeous black and white floralesque print skirt. There's just the right amount of color as well as the right amount of patterned somethingness to make your outfit fabulous. Looking good as always girl!

    Oooooh congratulations on being chosen to participate in that writing contest. Good luck with writing your piece! I hope you get chosen!! :D


  8. you famous writer!!! so proud :)) i wish it was warm enough to wear this outfit now. i can't deal with such cold weather.



  9. Good luck in the contest!

    I love your outfit-super cute!

  10. I'm kind of obsessed with how perfect your blazer is. It's a great thing your favorite color is purple because you look pretty awesome in it! Definitely your color. :)


  11. What a cute outfit, Rory. love the B&W skirt!

    And congrats on the school nomination! you rock!

    Love from California,


  12. Super exciting! You'll kill it. I'm sure of it! :-)

  13. Wow that's great! Congratulations to you! I wish you luck! Love the hints of purple. It does look like hanging grapes :)



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