March 28, 2013

February Roundup WAY LATE

Oooooops. This is really late. Well, here are my February Outfits! :)


  1. Another month of cute outfits, Miss Rory! Even if you are a little late. ;)

  2. Love your style! Just discovered your blog and love it! keep up the great work hun!

  3. Hey, at least you still made this post. Haha, this is why I never do round up posts...I know I'd procrastinate on them :b
    But you've been super busy haven't you? College hunting!

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    Trendy Teal

  4. Yay! The round up post! :) I of course love the puppy shots, hahah

    So, I'm having a little giveaway... you should stop over and check it out!


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