March 10, 2013

Irish Girl

Top- c/o Living Royal | Skirt- H&M | Shoes- Converse | Accessories- dollar store

One week from today is Saint Patrick's Day! I'm 75% Irish and my name is 100% Irish. Rory? How much more Irish does it get than Rory?? In Gaelic, "Rory" means red king, and since it's supposed to be a boys name, that's a cool thing to mean I guess. Yes, we all know Rory from Gilmore girls, but her and I are the exception. Rory is usually a man's name! I definitely love my name, though. It's cool to be original! So what do you think of all of my Irish gear?  I've always been proud of my Irish roots because I think it's just so cool to be Irish. If only I looked Irish...
Anyways, I am only one week away from Spring Break, and I can't wait! I'll be visiting colleges and taking pictures and having a generally good time. And then soon after is summer! 


  1. Ah these photos are so fun and cool! And I love your name too!! x

  2. your name is really cute and so are you. love your top. x

  3. Haha, that's so awesome about your name, Rory! You are the most Irish of them all. Pretty darn awesome. All that green is suiting you well-nobody's gonna pinch you!

    Or they could. But then they'd be JERKS.

  4. I love your name and I love Gilmore Girls!! Haha! Loving all of the Irish gear! I have always loved St. Patrick's Day because it's so close to my birthday! :)

  5. I love how unique your name is Rory! And one gorgeous Irish babe ;)
    Haha, I know, I wish I looked more Filipino at times...sigh. Ah well, being mestiza can be fun.
    Oh man, visiting colleges - so exciting!

    Trendy Teal

  6. Ah aha, fun pictures! I was in Ireland for a semester, so I'll definitely be craving some fish and chips next Sunday :)

  7. cute glasses

  8. yurrrrr tooooo cute :) as i drink my green smoothie i am thinking about st.patricks day too lol!



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