May 05, 2013

White Up

Dress- c/o Crash and Burn | Jacket- TJMaxx | Shoes- Converse | "Charlotte" Jewelry collectionc/o Looks of Envy

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I don't know about you guys but it's certainly starting to feel like summer where I am. I basically have like 4 weeks of school left and I'm done!!! I can't wait!! :)


  1. Happy Cinco De Mayo, haha! I love that we're both wearing tie-dye on our blogs today xD This dress from Crach & Burn is so cool!

    Trendy Teal

  2. love the dress! :)

  3. Perfect! Loved this dress :)

    Beijos <3

  4. Lucky girl to have it feeling like summer! It was 51 and rainy here in the 'bama.

    I love this dress of yours so much! It reminds me of lightning, because you, Rory, are a LIGHTNING LADY~

  5. love the dress! So summery

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    Danica Stark

  6. So cute! Young and fresh looking- perfect for you! :)

  7. Love this look! It suits you so well! Following <3 Alex

  8. I'm loving this combination so much. You look so fresh and gorgeous especially with the necklace

  9. Such a cute outfit! I am seriously all about wearing jean jackets with all of my dresses right now. I need to invest in a white one, because this is too cute! xo


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