June 11, 2013


Garden Party dress- c/o Free People | Stone cuff double set bracelets- c/o Free People | Shoes- Target | Necklace- c/o MyNameNecklace.com | Earrings- gifted 

Last Friday was graduation and commencement at my school and it was very bittersweet! Some of my very good friends (as well as my boyfriend) all graduated. It's bitter because I'm going to miss a lot of people. But it's sweet because I am a senior!!!! It's crazy and I feel so old! I know that's young to a lot of you. But I can still remember my first day of 6th grade....so I feel old for sure.

I was very glad that this Free People dress came in the mail a few days before because I was hoping I'd be able to wear this to graduation! It's even better than it looks online, and I got it in darker colors so that I can wear it with tights all winter long as well :) I got lots of compliments on it!

Below are some pictures with some of my senior friends/boyfriend. (He's the first and last picture). 



  1. How cute! I love your nail art, too! :)

  2. AAW GRADUATION! Rory, I hope you had a lovely time and a lovely parting with your amazing friends at graduation (though I'm sure the partings won't last too terribly long). Your Free People dress is stunning, wow! What a stunner for a graduation dress. :) You look lovely!

    and hey boyfriend hay

  3. Aww, such a bittersweet event! I remember when I graduated...what an odd feeling. I still feel old haha, I can hardly believe I'm done with a year of college. Like, what? What did I get done during that time anyway? 0_o
    Haha, anyway, you old Senior you! You're going to have an amazing year ahead of you!
    This Free People dress is just gorgeous. Great pick Rory!
    Oh, and yes, you and your boyfriend are freaking adorable :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. aw yay congrats on making it to senior year!! :D i loved senior year and im so jealous that you'll be going through it soon! you look soooo pretty!! that dress is so cute and stunning!! :)


  5. You guys are such a cute couple! :) And good luck in senior year! :)

  6. i very love your dress :)


  7. oh Rory, you totally made me feel old now! I am 20 and I just graduated from university so my advice would be for you to enjoy all the school time you still have ahead of you! :) by the way, I love your dress, the flower detail is gorgeous!

    Drawing Dreaming

  8. You guys are such a cute couple! :)

  9. That dress is so beautiful! I love the print!


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