December 04, 2013

Fancy Shmancy

Outfit 1: Fancy
Polka dot flats from Everbuying 


Outfit 2: Fancier
Scoopneck Red Maxi 
Stilettos from Everbuying
Philip Stein Fruitz Watch from JR Dunn
The holiday season is upon us! What are you doing to gear up? Here's what you should be doing: buying party dresses! A staple in my wardrobe is dresses fancy enough for parties but cute enough to wear to do other things. And about 50% of the dresses I own are LBDs. It took lots of self-restraint to put NO black dresses, and instead, two season-appropriate red dresses on this! Did I pick well? I personally like the maxi--only because I've never had a dress like that before and would love to try and rock it this way! 

Both of the dresses are from Everbuying, a site I recently discovered. It's one of those awesome wholesale-type places where you can get great bargains and free shipping worldwide! Gotta love deals like that. I think of it as thrift shopping, but online, and with new clothes. There's literally thousands of choices, PLUS it's all cheap!

Also, this is the first time I've made an "outfit collage" sort of deal. It was actually really fun to make, and not hard at all with my Photoshop knowledge from photo class and designing this blog!
Finally-- you know how obsessed I was with that preppy Daniel Wellington watch I got a few months back? The one I've been wearing every day? Well, I've found some new watches to lust after...they're from JR Dunn called "Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein". The two I picked out above are my personal favorites. They're so classy and modern at the same time! I've never seen anything like them!

Hopefully this inspired you to buy some red (NOT BLACK) dresses for the holiday! It's my goal to not buy any more black ones for a while and maybe I'll even pick up a pretty red Christmas dress, who knows :)


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