December 12, 2013

Snow Day

Sweater- H&M | Leggings- Victoria's Secret | Scarf- Nimli | Hat- my brother's | Socks- American Eagle | Boots- Sperry 

Not the most special of outfits, just leggings and a sweater, but my friend Hannah and I were trying to match on this BEAUTIFUL snow day that we had off of school! :)
Snow makes me so happy--it's so pretty and makes beautiful picture opportunities. I was looking online for some snowy photography inspiration and found an absolutely beautiful engagement shoot in the snow. And then I started thinking about Christmas and how it's the perfect season for love. Don't worry--I'm not getting engaged, I'm not in love, nothing like that! Just having a day off like that to spend with a friend doing what I love (photographing) inspired me to create some wintry, happy, love themed collections below. 
Featured in all of those collages I put diamond engagement rings from Anjolee--because like I was saying, if you do have that special someone in your life--it's the perfect season for it. A proposal in the snow would be VERY ROMANTIC!
And I'm so excited to get my snow fix in early! I'll be posting some more shots of Hannah from our photoshoot next week! :)

Here are some of my favorite rings:
Plus, you can get them engraved! Ahh! I'm totally gonna make my husband some day buy me a big beautiful ring or else. Just kidding. Sort of. ;)

Ring #1: Get it here

Ring #2: Get it here

Ring #3: Get it here

Merry early Christmas!! :)

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  1. Snow really is a lovely setting for photos! I wish I had more time to actually do some photography in it...sigh. Hopefully next week!
    Love these photos of you girls and how you matched :) Lovely!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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