August 07, 2014


Top- Forever 21 | Bandeau- c/o Living Royal | Shorts- c/o Silver Jeans Co | Anklet- c/o Marrin Costello | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Blue Arrow Bracelet- c/o By Boe | Shoes- Jack Rogers (College Collection)
When you've gone to a school for so long, school spirit is hard to get rid of. And the school colors often start to stick with you. I'll never be able to wear blue and white without conjuring up fond memories of my middle and high school, where I spent 7 years.

This outfit reminds me of seven years of field days, of sports games, of spirit songs. It was a good seven years. But, as my outfit shows, I'm ready to transition from blue and white to blue and orange (see: the shoes). Two weeks from tomorrow and I'll be on my way to UVa :)


  1. I totally feel you on the school colors. Blue and gold will always have a special place in my heart. All the best at college :)
    Also, love your summery look here. The accessories are great!

  2. Cute top, love the new Jack Rogers. I hope you gets lots of use out of them and break them in well.
    instagram - koshercoco

  3. Awww :( Bitter sweet!
    Love the bright colors though, and that white top is so cute!
    Thanks for your comment by the way!! hehe, long comments are always welcome.
    I'll definitely come to you for any college questions on Facebook or something! But yeah, I started narrowing down my colleges but I'm still researching to find some other ones!

    xx Shirley


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