November 06, 2012

Donkeys and Elephants

Dress- c/o SugarLips | Jacket- Gap | Shoes- Target | Necklace- Romwe | Bracelets- Attachments LLC, c/o Starry Groove

ELECTION NIGHT! I'm taking AP US Government and Politics so I've learned a whole lot about elections and specifically the one that takes place tonight. Who are you for, Obama or Romney? Or neither? If I was one year older I'd be able to vote this year. Instead, I'll have to wait until I'm 21 to vote in a presidential election. I'm going to an election night party hosted by my US Gov teacher tonight. Can't wait! Politics are crazy in this country--it's insane how many people get wrapped up in supporting their chosen candidate. I'm up for hearing both sides and then enjoying the show! I'm sure I'll feel differently when I'm older and voting, but for now, that's my story. What are you feeling about tonight's election or just...politics in general?


  1. Oh wow lovin this outfit!

  2. I love your jacket! I finally bought one myself, and I love it!

  3. It's nice to hear that you're actually learning about how politics work! I wish I knew more lol

    xo Jennifer

  4. Oooof, I have been avoiding bringing up politics on my blog just because its SUCH a heated topic! Especially today and after tonight...oh man. Haha, but I'm glad I got to make my voice heard today (first time ever, whoop whoop!). It's such a valuable right to have. Especially as a girl. Women haven't always had this right, and I don't see the sense in ignoring it. Just realizing that so many women before me fought to change this so I could vote alongside any man in this country is amazing.
    Anyway, about the outfit...haha, love this dress Rory, it's been too long since I last saw it on here! ;) Haha, such a pretty lasor cut out detail in the top half

    Trendy Teal

  5. Oh goodness, politics, man, anymore they're just making me angry lol lol so better off avoiding them. I voted about a month ago via absentee ballot haha.

    But anyway, this is so cute! And I love your jean jacket. <3


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