November 05, 2012

The Coming Cold

Top- Aeropostale | Skirt- Selective Potential | Jacket- H&M | Belt- TJMaxx | Shoes- Target | Bracelet- c/o Oasap | Necklace- giveaway win | Watch- gifted

These pictures were also pre-storm, hence the happy, smiling, bare-legged girl you see. I mentioned in an earlier post that I often go bare-legged into December, but let me tell you bare-legged now would not be a smiling girl. I'd be scowling or perhaps making constipated faces as I tried to convince myself I was warm. Hopefully it's warmer where you are!


  1. lol lol I want to see your constipated faces... they sound fuuunnny :D

    btu at least for now (or pre-storm) you could/can wear skirts without tights and feel that you're at a decent temperature. That skirt is so cute!

  2. It's crazy hot warm it is here right now! Loving your watch Rory!


  3. Love your jacket and oxfords! So perfect for fall :)

  4. cute outfit once again!! I really really love that skirt.


  5. Hahaha! Oh the trials of being a fashion blogger xD Yeah, it'd be impractical to go bare-legged round here. It's warmish, but still...too cold to be smiling about it.
    Anyway, that's such a pretty skirt and cool bracelet Rory! Always love your accessories :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. I love the floral print of your skirt! It's like a darker floral print so it's so good for fall :) Woah that bracelet is so awesome, love love love it! haha I go bare-legged in December too but it isn't that cold so it's usually okay. And ooo the leaves are changing color, I love the fall background!

  7. We have frost this morning - waaaay too cold for bare legs! Cute look though :-)


    Little giveaway on my blog this week :-)

  8. It's like just above freezing where I live in NY today. I feel your pain...just got dressed in a little summery dress with some thick knit leggings to stay cozy. But I gotta say, I'm enjoying the cold! It's refreshing. :)

    - Samantha

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