November 29, 2012

Schoolweek Casual

Topc/o Too Sexy Store | Leggingsc/o Too Sexy Store | Shoes- Converse | Hat- c/o Yak Apparel | Necklaces- c/o Best Personalized Jewelry, c/o Anjolee | Bracelets- gifted | Earrings- c/o Jeannie Richard

This trimester at school I'm taking Yoga as my PE. I am not the least bit flexible...I can't even touch my toes! But I've gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it. While it's going on, it's boring and sometimes painful, but when it's done it feels so good! And I actually feel like I'm getting flexible!!!

Anyways, here is just a casual look for those days when you're too tired to wear a skirt or dress or even jeans...yeah, it's that bad sometimes! Leggings and a loose tee and Converse are the solution to that! I dressed it up with some cute jewelry of course. I'm not one to wear anything TOO boring. Plus, look at the details on the back of this shirt from Too Sexy Store! I just love cutouts on the back of a shirt as you may remember from Spring. Love this shirt so much that I got it in cream, too! I've already got an outfit post planned for that color of the shirt :)


  1. Love that shirt! It is giving me some DIY inspiration for sure! We are your newest followers and would love for you to come over and say hi!

    Stacie and Carly

  2. Cute look! Love the back detail of your top! I love yoga! You think it's not a workout, but when you're doing it you realize how much of a workout it really is! Love it!


  3. ooh love the cut out back!! :D you have yoga for PE?! thats awesome! i wish i couldve taken yoga in PE when i was in high school! :P

  4. this is such a cute and casual outfit for school! love the cut outs at the back of the top.

  5. I swear, I was THIS close to getting that same top in cream! And apparently you had the same idea haha, can't wait to see you in that one :)
    And oooh, yoga? I signed up for my classes next semester, and for a fun one I chose a yoga/pilates class. It's gonna be 2 hours once a week just doing that, and I'm excited to see the results from it haha.
    Anyway, super comfy yet cute outfit Rory. Love it! :)

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  6. love the necklace x

  7. Yay for yoga! I hope that you become more flexible. I, too, am inflexible, like the old bubblegum forgotten beneath a student's desk. Alas. Haha, but really, I hope you have fun with it! :D I do lots of pilates but I never really stretch beforehand... I'm a bad pilates-er.

    Your casual look is quite cute, and I see that you're likin' your stripy hat, Miss Rory. :D:D


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