December 01, 2012

Snow White

Top- c/o Too Sexy Store | Skirt- Urban Outfitters | Boots- Marshall's | Scarf- Hollister | Necklace- InPink | Bracelets- House of Kami, c/o Starry Groove
I took the SATs for the second time this morning. I hope I did as well as I want so that I can be done with this business!! Standardized tests are literally the worst. In other news, I've taken full advantage of my shiny new license and have just returned from a nice trip to the mall ALL BY MAHSELF! It was awesome. I got all my christmas shopping done without having to sneak stuff into the car with my parents :)
And I did it in style my very own JETTA! Yep, I got a car. It rocks.


  1. Yaaaay for getting a car and for going on your own shopping excursion!! My dear Rory is growing up. *sheds a tear* Wait, that would be implying that I am old. No, you're still young, we're all still young. *nervous laugh*

    hurpy-derp, moving on! This outfit is so prECIOUS and you are the epitome of cuteness. I adore that scarf and all the pastel colors, Miss Rory!!

  2. You look so pretty, feminine and elegant!

    Congratz on the car too

  3. Wow, I love this so much! The overall look is perfect. No one piece detracts from it. I love the back of the top, and how you paired it with a circle scarf. Your boots are so adorable, and your skirt... I want it in my closet, haha!

    And yes, standardized tests come straight from the pits of hell. I hope you get your ideal score, and congrats on your new car!


  4. Pretty boots! :)

  5. Ughhh, I remember the SATs, hated those. Don't stress too much, I'm sure you're fine! :) Cute outfit. Checkout my gift guide tomorrow, it's the third in the series!


  6. Lovely pastel colors Rory. I love the print scarf especially.
    And ugh, SAT's were rough...ha, I remember that far too clearly.
    Dang, saying that makes me feel old now..
    Anyway, hoorah for solo excursions! I know, it's so liberating haha

    Trendy Teal

  7. Wow yay for you! I wish you luck for your SATs! Anyway, I love this outfit. You look so sweet and pretty!



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