February 25, 2014

Christmas in February?

Top- Macy's | Vest- Macy's | Leggings- Aerie | Boots- Macy's

I just really like Macy's OK?

But in all honesty, it's my mom who finds all of the Macy's goodies. The vest and boots were both gifts--boots for my birthday, vest for Christmas--clearly she finds the best stuff there! My only complaint is I wish I'd had this vest before Christmas so I could've looked more festive back then. It's alright, I don't mind dressing like it's Christmas in February!

February 21, 2014


Top- TooSexyStore.com | Leggings- Aerie | Shoesc/o The People's Movement | Hat- American Eagle | Necklace- c/o ONecklace | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington

I feel so much more fashionable when I'm wearing something environmentally friendly. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, or shoes, it makes me feel like I'm making a good lifestyle choice. Because I am. And you can too...

Introducing MOVMT (The People's Movement), a brand that uses organic, eco-conscious materials and upcycled plastics to create shoes and accessories. 
On top of that, they donate a portion of sales to the reduction of plastics through oceanic research. 

Sounds pretty good to me....and would you check out those shoes? I couldn't resist wearing them in the snow, but don't worry, they still look good as new! Get your own pair here.

February 17, 2014

The Lost Name

Dress- Urban Outfitters | Sweater- American Eagle | Boots- Free People thanks to Mrs. Ambrose, you're the best!!!  | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Necklace- c/o O'Necklace

Somewhere, on the side line of a soccer field on the East Coast, lies a necklace that reads, "Rory". It was tarnished when I lost it, and probably even more tarnished now. I can never get back the numerous hours spent searching at home, at school, in my friends bags, and more, for my favorite necklace. But, I can get something just as good. A brand new, shiny, silver replacement. A new "Rory" necklace. 

Thank you to O'Necklace, for gifting me a necklace that will be worn so often that even strangers will know my name. I'm so glad to have back my favorite necklace, new and better than ever. It's a good day.

(In case you were wondering, yes it was cold, but I HAD to wear bare legs with these boots given to me by my dear friend Mrs. Ambrose, just wait to see how I'll wear these come Spring!!!)

February 13, 2014


Dress- Forever 21 | Jacket- ASOS | Shoes- Vince Camuto | Necklace- c/o Vanessa Mooney | Watch- Daniel Wellington

Bare legs and snow are something that should never ever happen. The day I took these photos it was over FIFTY degrees and yet still, there was snow on the ground. As the camera snapped I heard branches dripping over and over and over. It sounded almost like rain yet no rain was falling. It's a weird feeling, that sort of contradiction. When you hear rain but it's not raining--or when you've got bare legs but there's snow on the ground. 

(Want to hear a more creative tone to my voice? Check out my 2014 poetry project, The 52 Project, to read some poems of mine!)

February 08, 2014

Chilly Philly February

Dress- c/o Free People | Jacket- Asos | Boots- c/o Lulu*s | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses- American Eagle | Necklace- Macy's | Earrings- Anthropologie

I spent today in Philly with my dad, driving around the "University City" area of Penn and Drexel, eating at Reading Terminal Market, and ultimately ending up at the Drexel University High School Photography Show. If you live anywhere nearby Drexel, I highly recommend it! One of my photographs was accepted for the second year in a row. If you look closely, you can see it in the 4th picture down--it's of a boy diving into the water (my brother).

Sometimes it's nice to not have a schedule. The best part of the trip, other than seeing the photo show, was to just drive through the areas around a beautiful college campus. I listened to my dad reminisce on his time in Philadelphia long ago and it was nice, just looking out the window and imagining how it all would have been 25 years ago.

Anyway, happy weekend! If you are interested in going to see the show please email me! I'd love to know what you think. :)

February 05, 2014

Snow Glow

Dress- Urban Outfitters | Jacket- H&M | Shoes- UGG | Necklace- c/o Vanessa Mooney | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington

And THESE are the other boots I got for Christmas! Made by UGG, cozy and warm, perfectly stylish. They're halfway between red and brown (my justification for getting these--I didn't have any red boots!!!) and perfect with brown tights and this Urban Outfitters dress.

Also, I've been wearing my hair wavy like this a lot recently since the straight has gotten a bit boring. I think it brings out the highlights more this way. Thoughts? My hair isn't dyed, but I used Sun-In when we went away on vacation over Christmas and that's how I got highlights like this!