August 29, 2013

What to Wear for a College Interview

Dress- c/o YA Los Angeles | Shoes- Kenneth Cole via Marshall's | Belt- Target | Watch- gifted | Bracelets- Ettika

School starts sooo soon ahhh!!! I can't believe I'm a senior. I know that I say that all the time, but I still can't believe it. I've been at school everyday this week for preseason and to do some photography stuff so it has sorttt of started, minus the everyone being there. I'm excited for school though!

Also, wouldn't this be the perfect outfit for a college interview? Or any sort of more formal but still not super dressy thing like that? I'm thinking this dress will be perfect once I start interviewing! :)

Do you have any fun plans for labor day? I'm going to a concert with my friends and then to the beach with my family. Should be fun!

August 23, 2013

Striped Sherbert

Dress- c/o YA Los Angeles | Shoes- Kenneth Cole via Marshall's | Necklace- Forever 21 

The three hardest days of preseason are over and I've passed the fitness tests, hurray! Sadly though....I resprained my ankle :( It's huge and looks like the size of a baseball. Hopefully it goes down before my first day of school (which is only a week and a half away!) so that I can wear some pretty sandals like these! I'm loving the neckline of this dress too. So cute, right? YA Los Angeles has always sent me some of my closet favorites. :)

August 22, 2013

All Gold Everything

Top- c/o YA Los Angeles | Shorts- H&M | Shoes- Marco Santi @ Sole Society | Bag- Anthropologie | Bracelets- Attachments LLC, c/o Starry Groove | Necklace- c/o Amy Waltz

Everything is golden! My hair is blonder (thanks, Sun-In), my jewelry is gold, my shoes are gold, my bag and top have gold embellishments. Like I said--all gold everything!
Don't forget to enter the Amy Waltz giveaway! And that's all I have to say for today, as it's day 2 of soccer preseason and I'm tired from a combination of the long practice and the 6 am I'm going to take a nap. 
Many more posts featuring YA Los Angeles--soon! Find where you can buy YA Los Angeles by google, and see more of their clothes and find out more about them here.

$50 Amy Waltz Store Credit

August 19, 2013

Lucky Lucca (+ giveaway reminder!)

Cropped tankc/o Lucca Couture | Skirt- Kohl's | Vest- c/o Chicnova | Shoes- Target | Necklaces- c/o Poor Sparrow, c/o Amy Waltz

This skirt I bought over the summer is easily going to be a staple all fall and winter. Perfect with tights, easy to wear. And hey I can wear it in the summer too! Love it with this crop top from Lucca Couture.
On another note, summer is truly starting to feel like it's over. My soccer preseason starts on Wednesday, and all of last year's seniors are all leaving or have already left for's really bittersweet.
$50 Amy Waltz Store Credit
Hope you are enjoying the last few days/weeks!

August 16, 2013


Bralette- c/o L.C.T. by Lucca Couture | Top- c/o The Trend Boutique | Skirt- Urban Outfitters | Shoes- Converse | Necklace- c/o Adriana Soto

This is something a bit different from my usual style but I couldn't resist showing off this bralette. What's the point if you can't see it, right? So I made sure it sticks out of my shirt! I'm going to the Made in America Festival (a giant, awesome concert) and this is an outfit option. It kind of screams "concert attire" doesn't it? Also my back to school shopping trip was a SUCCESS! I always do well this time of year at Lord & Taylor...particularly in the Free People section. I scored 2 FP dresses for a shocking $25 each! 

And I'm not the slightest bit ashamed to admit that one of them is THIS dress but in the white color. It's my favorite dress in black, so I figured why not get it in white too? 

Here's the real dilemma: is it socially acceptable to wear the white version on the first day of school this year, when I wore the black version on the last day last year? PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE (because the white version is sooooo in the running for first day outfit!)!

P.S. Am I looking blonder? I've been using Sun-In everytime I lifeguard :)

August 14, 2013

I Love Lucca

Dressc/o Lucca Couture | Jacket- H&M | Bootsc/o Rocket Dog | Belt- Banana Republic | Necklace- Romwe | Bracelets- c/o Free People, gifted

Back to school means...BOOT SEASON! As you all probably remember from the extravagant amount of boot purchases I made last fall and winter, I absolutely LOVE boots. I am starting early this year with these beauties from Rocket Dog

This is also my second styling of my favorite dress from Lucca Couture. Do you like it better in this more "Fall" styled look or in the summery way I wore it last week? I think I like this way better--but only because my mind's set on Fall already :)

And today is also one of my favorite days of the year...back to school shopping day! My mom, brother, and I go to the biggest mall on the east coast. It's the best!

$50 Amy Waltz Store Credit