August 31, 2012

Melon and Mint

Top- H&M | Skinny jeans- c/o Tractr Jeans | Shoes- Bandolino via TJMaxx | Blazer- TJ Maxx | Bracelets- Torn To Pieces, c/o Lobby, c/o Love Khloe Studio

So after seeing every other fashion blogger on the planet buy, wear, and look totally awesome in colored skinny jeans, I decided to test out the look for myself. While the color I picked is more springy than fall and wintery, that isn't going to stop me. These babies from Tractr fit me like a glove and (although you can't tell since they are rolled) they are actually LONG ENOUGH. For once I do not have to suffer in the name of fashion and wear flood pants! And they are MINT, which is one of my favorite clothing colors as of late. I have two mint tops, these jeans, and nail polish--all in the same creamy hue of mint. Now I just need some shoes. Well....need is probably the wrong word to use in such a situation...

August 29, 2012

Lobby Love

Top- Wildfox Couture c/o Lobby, Shorts- c/o Lobby, Shoes- Converse via Delia'sSilver Bangle- c/o Lobby, Bullet Necklace- c/o Adriana Soto, Samsa Necklace- Romwe, Leather Cuff- Attachments LLC, Watch- vintage

Lobby is one of my new favorite boutiques! They pick the best clothing and accessories from both emerging and established brands, including Wildfox Couture, For Love and Lemons, Finders Keepers, Stylestalker, and more, and then sell those picks to us! If you live in Cali, you're in luck! They have a Costa Mesa location that I would looooove to go to...except that I don't live in CA! :) But they sell all their goodies online, too, so check them out here.

I cool are these shorts. I'm in love :) If you wanna pick up your own pair, I fit a size M perfectly and I'm usually a size 4/5 in jeans/pants.

August 28, 2012

A Disorganized Hoarder

Top- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Old Navy, Belt- Gap, Shoes- Calypso for Target, Ring- Manic Trout, Friendship Bracelets- DIY, Necklace- Rice's Market

I was featured on Linda's blog, Trendy Teal yesterday since it was her first day of college!!! Check out one of my back to school looks featured on her blog here.

This outfit is perfect because it's transitionary. While the neons and espadrille wedges keep us hanging on to summer, the darker colors transition into fall.
On a non-fashion related note...I have a little characteristic about myself (that hopefully some of you have, too)! I should start by saying that I am a very disorganized person. As in I like to keep all of my things scattered on my floor in my room. Stuff is much easier to find that way, right?? Anyways, at the beginning of every school year, I buy a gazillion binders and color code them into sections. I count out equal number pens and pencils and put them in a shiny new pencil case. I even organize my locker all special into sections. And on the first day, my handwriting is miraculously neat--and I copy down the teacher word for word. In my colorful (NEAT) binders, of course. Let me tell you, that does not last long. By the second or third week, I've got papers strewn in my locker. Empty water bottles stuck in every nook and cranny. Binders are long forgotten. And (*cringe*) sometimes food and candy wrappers. Okay, not sometimes...always. I'm basically a disorganized hoarder. The thing is, I like organization. I really do. And the fact that I try at the beginning of the year proves it! But I just can't keep it up. I guess using binders and keeping a locker clean and a room clean and a closet organized and my laundry all in one place and...wait, let's get back on track. 

What I'm trying to say is, it's just too much effort to stay organized. I'm always hurrying from one place to the next. So why does everything need to be organized? This year, I've finally learned my lesson. I am not buying binders...gasp. And I'm sharing a locker with my most organized friend (who will kick me out if I'm messy)!!! So I'm starting on the right foot this year. Let's see how long I'll last! :)

So, there you have my back to school story! Is anyone else messy and disorganized like me? But, if you had the time, would be organized? Tell me I'm not alone! 
All kidding aside, my outfits are organized! I love to color coordinate in my outfits and wear corresponding accessories. 
Do you have any quirky characteristics ?

August 27, 2012


Dress- Marshall's, Jacket- thrifted Gap, Shoes- gifted Blowfish, Bag- c/o A'Muse Me Boutique, Hat- NYC street vendor, Necklace- c/o Double LW, Sunglasses- American Eagle (Men's) Bracelets- c/o Starry Groove

So the Broadway play I saw? Chaplin!! It was awesome--and although not the best one I've seen, it had amazing acting. A big thanks to Camp Broadway for the free tickets! The man who played Charlie Chaplin was fantastic. And here's what I wore, although I ditched the hat and jacket since it was too hot to be walking around the city in. And of course I couldn't go into New York without shopping...that Forever 21 in Times Square beckons my name every time. I bought a few things there after dragging my mom through the never-ending store! 

I have lots of fun things to do today including summer work, SAT questions, cleaning my room, doing wash and organizing my closet. Hopefully your Monday will be more fun than mine will...

August 25, 2012

Tea Party

Dress (I'm wearing UK size 8/US size XS)- c/o Madam Rage, Shoes- Converse via Delia's, Hat- NYC street vendor, Silver Stone Bracelet-c/o Lobby, Pink Bracelet-c/o Torn To Pieces, Purple-y Bracelet-gifted, Necklace- Rice's Market

So today I went to a tea party at my friend's new house that was BYOTC (Bring Your Own Tea Cup). How cute is that?? I --of course-- did not have a tea cup/was too lazy to find one so I brought a nice big ole' mug. And all of my friends had their pretty little china tea cups and I just stood their grinning with my big ole' mug. Also I'm pretty sure that I ate 5+ mini cupcakes. I could not restrain myself. It was pretty awesome. And here's what I wore! Except I switched out red flats for the Converse so it was a bit more dressy. How cute is this dress from Madam Rage? I seriously love all of the clothing stores from the UK. Madam Rage, Topshop, LOVE, etc. They all totally rock.

Aaaand tomorrow....I'm seeing a play on Broadway in NYC! I'll tell you which one (and how it was) in my next post. I can't wait--I love daytripping into NYC.

AND HOW AWESOME IS THE QUALITY OF THESE PICTURES. I switched out the lens that came with the DSLR for a 55mm-200somethingmm lens and just stood farther away from my camera and tripod. The photos are so much clearer, crisper, and just overall...LOVE the quality. What do you guys think? Big difference, right? :)


p.s. LOOK--IT'S ME! And I'm on the homepage of Crash and Burn's store (third slide). Check it ouutttt here.

August 24, 2012

It Was All Yellow + GIVEAWAY

Top- c/o Living Royal, Skirt- Forever 21, Bag- c/o A'Muse Me Boutique, Shoes- Target, Bracelets- gifted, Ring- Abilu Creations, Key Necklace- Rice's Market, Starfish Necklace- Lucid NYC

So I have officially passed all of my fitness tests, meaning I'm officially a Varsity player for this season!  Now that the hardest stuff is out of the way, it should be fun for sure. Hard still, but not as hard as fitness!! 

So to celebrate, I have a GIVEAWAY! Today you can win the bronze tree necklace from A'muse Me Boutique. No Rafflecopter this time...follow the rules below! 
Here's how you can win:

1. Go to Amuse Me Boutique's Facebook Page and LIKE it.


Other rules:
One entry per person. Any spammer will be disqualified.
The contest will end a week from today, and A'Muse Me Boutique will contact the winner.
Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below :)