March 29, 2012

Luck O' the Irish

Outfit Details:
Top-(giveaway) Stylemint
Necklace-Forever 21
Bangles-(giveaway) InPink
Heels-Tahari @ Lord and Taylor
Cuff-Attachments LLC

This shirt is one of my most recent giveaway wins. For those of you who don't know, a giveaway is exactly what it sounds like: a blogger giving away sponsored items in order to gain followers or because they're being compensated. They're really fun--it's always great to be rewarded for following a blog that you're normally following anyway!

On to this tee: after seeing infamous blogger after infamous blogger wear coveted "Stylemint" tees designed by none other than M-K & Ashley Olsen, it was exciting to win two tees from the brand! These tees are real quality: soft, not clingy, perfect looseness, and impeccably designed. I've probably worn this shirt 5 times since I got it (2 weeks ago). Safe to say I REALLY like Stylemint :)

Maybe it's because I'm Irish, or perhaps I always comment at the right time, but I've been extremely lucky when it comes to winning giveaways. I've won more than I can count on BOTH of my hands since I discovered fashion blogs (about a year ago!). Crazy, right?? 

Recently, I've won tights (thanks Jess!) which you'll see me style soon, a Free People top that's perfect for Spring, 2 Stylemint Tees, a Shabby Apple dress, and two Vedette tops. And that's in the past MONTH.

It all started in June, when I won my first giveaway. It was a set of magnets, of all things! I was SO excited....I was new to following blogs then, so the idea of getting something for free blew my mind! Then, winning became more frequent. In the summer I won a ring from Manic Trout, Ettika bracelets, a gift card to RUTTISH (who is now one of my sponsors!), two leather bags (both of which I sold on Ebay), a bodysuit, and two pairs of shoes from Sole Society. In the fall, my wins included: a necklace from El Vintage, a chambray shirt, and two gift cards to InPink. I also scored a credit for a pair of Blowfish shoes (which I have yet to redeem).

That is a grand total of EIGHTEEN (18) GIVEAWAY WINS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And I'm sure I've left out one or two! It's not like I enter millions and millions of giveaways, either. Only the blogs that I follow!

Have any of you had luck like me? Tell me in the comments what sorts of giveaways you've won before! :)

Now all that's left to do is to go out tomorrow and buy a lottery ticket. How much do you think I'd win? :)



  1. thats an amazing win .. iv never won anything in my life ... enjoyed ur blog thoroughly .. hope u can visit my blog too


  2. Enter my giveaway, Betty! The chances of winning are high and there are so many ways to get entries!
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, I'm checking out your blog now! :)

  3. Woo so happy you got your tunic and love it!! Can't wait to see you post it. SO jealous you have won that many things, that is kind of incredible. I had a winning streak for a little bit and I think it ended :( I saw that shirt on StyleMint recently and fell in love. Stripes are so rad.

    P.S. I was near NYU for an audition and stopped in that park, did you go there when you were in NYU? Good luck with college touring!


  4. Love that top! I keep seeing Stylemint all over the place! I may just have to try it out. And come on now girl! Send me some of that luck! So far I've won -0- lol! Tell me your secrets! Lol


  5. Love the stripes and congrats on the giveaway! I have yet to win one ;)


  6. You are so lucky! I never win anything - but it's fun to participate :)

    Really like this tee too, what a great prize and resulting outfit :)

  7. Goodness, you truly are lucky! The only giveaway I've won so far is the Style Recognized giveaway (but its a big one, so I'm quite happy. Only thing is the thing I picked out is sold out so I have to wait till May for it to be restocked and get'll see ;) haha)
    Anyway, 18 giveaways!? Can I use you to enter giveaways for me? :)
    Haha, that Stylemint tee is so cute! Love the design.
    Plus, your necklace is such an awesome statement piece! You've got the best jewelry.

    Trendy Teal

  8. I've won over $700 in prizes this month (31 giveaways!) :) I enter CONSTANTLY though

  9. You really are soo lucky <3 Love the tee & you look great!!! I've just won 1-2 giveaways so far :p

    Would love it if you follow my blog via GFC:)

  10. i think i'll start entering giveaways more! so far i have won a year's subscription to frankie magazine (if you don't know of it, it's the ultimate hipster mag in australia) and that's it. i suppose i don't enter very often though...

    xx Rebecca

  11. I love your top and jewellery! :)

    - Victoria

  12. congrats rory :) i've actually won quite a few myself since I started entering contests in February :) giveaways are so awesome to win and so fun to hold on your own blog as well!!! and i just LOVE this top, it looks like such QUALITY and the colors are popping :) great look my dear!!!

  13. Congrats on the all the giveaway wins! You are so lucky. Love the colours and stripes on this top and you've styled it so well.

  14. Nice necklace!

  15. The outfit is looking great! No, I never won a giveaway contest.


  16. wow, I love this top, it's great!
    a very beautiful outfit!

    xxx Anita

  17. Blummin eck! You really are lucky winning that many give aways! I've never won one! The top is really nice, well done you lucky thing!!
    Rianna xxx

  18. I didn't win the the Mega Million either, but hey at least we still have style ;)

  19. haha and i thought that i was super lucky for winning in 4 giveaways in a couple of months, but you girl you are the luckiest girl i've seen. go and bet something and you'll probably win money as well.
    super jealous of all your gifts lol.
    i' ve entered so many giveaways lately, hope i win one as well.
    p.s LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your top and the combination with that fab necklace, the necklace just makes the top even more beautiful.
    if you ever get bored of them send them to me ok???
    hope you find time to check out my old hollywood inspired post

  20. great your necklace honey, it's really original and elegant!

    nice to meet your blog!

  21. cute shirt! i love the colors of it :)

  22. Love the necklace.

    That is INSANE! I do not understand. I've never been lucky, so I don't even bother to play the lottery. But you should have just entered this last giant one! Missed your boat!

    Hopefully if I continue to read, some of your luck will rub off on me:)
    Wishful thinking.


  23. love that shirt!

  24. yay thank you so much rory!! would love to see how you style the top :) and we are dating :)

  25. Wow Rory! You have won soo much, maybe it is the luck o' the Irish heehehe... Anyways that is soo kool you have won loads of wonderful things... I've never entered a giveaway but you make it sound like it's easy to win... May I have some of your luck?

  26. You look amazing with your outfit. We like the striped top you wore in here. Lovely!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    ♥ SHOP:
    ♥ BLOG:

  27. such an amazing sweater! loving your hair and the colours! xo

  28. amazing post! loving the sweater and your hair! xo

  29. Oh my, you have been quite a lucky girl lately! Why don't you try to win the lottery? I'm sure you win that one as well ghehe :)
    Thanks SO much for your incredibly kind comment on my Birthday Post! I'm legally an adult in The Netherlands as well! It feels weird though. I got spoiled this year! My parents gave me some money for my study in Paris and I am saving money for a laptop, so thanks to my birthday I'm halfway there now. Oh and I got some amazing books (about fashion of course ;p) and magazines. I will be celebrating it with my friends this Friday, so that will be fun too :) This year will definitely be better than last year, I'm too excited! xxx

  30. Love that sweater and necklace together! Following you now. :) Hope you'll come check my blog out as well.


  31. You lucky girl! I've won a few giveaways, it's such a wonderful surprise, but nothing like as many as you have, aha.

  32. Nice necklace!
    New outfit on my blog, check it out!


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