May 27, 2012

Feathered Friend

Outfit Details:
Hair Clip- gifted Echoing Waters
Top- Loft
Necklace- vintage
Shorts- American Eagle
Shoes- Target
Anklet- Delia's
Bracelets- gifted, Ettika, market and DIY

It's nearly summer! And what does that mean? Bikinis, sandals, sheer lace tops, wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and...feathers. For me, anyway. Do you wear feathers? As a necklace? Try wearing a feather hair clip--really adds SO much to a simple outfit! Echoing Waters is my favorite place when it comes to feathery accessories! :)

I'll be studying for finals all day today....but I'll be back soon! Hope your holiday is more fun than mine !


  1. Oooh, I do love feathers (I have feather earrings and necklaces) but no feather clip yet. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for one though! It adds such a fun bohemian touch.
    Cute as always Rory! Good luck with the finals.
    And summer's been alright so far. It's been about a week that I've been out of school and I'm already getting bored. Haha, not a good sign! I need to make some plans.

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  2. I love those shoes!! I had the permanent feather extensions last summer, and I was sent a clip in pair a few months ago, but never wore them much.

  3. Nice skirt. It looks perfect with your shorts. :)

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  4. ohhhhh you so pretty!!! and those shoes make our feet look small!

  5. cool look!Like the blog!u're adorable!
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  6. Love this classic summer look! The feathers are awesome! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  7. Those bracelets are adorable! No feathers yet, but I am dying to get some feather earrings!

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  8. Love all your accessories!

    xo Jennifer

  9. Yes to feathers! I have three and wear them all the time! I love that yours are such bright colors!

  10. Super cute look Rory! Loving your blouse and bracelets! Too cute!


  11. Beautiful! I love your overall look! Summer is approaching and I've been browsing and reading blogs for inspiration. It's so nice to see how a feather hair clip and other accessories can make a simple outfit fun and playful!

  12. Love the outfit ! So nice


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